14 New XBOX Game Pass This March & Beyond

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So Game Pass is starting to heat up this spring with more games this March we’ll also take an early look at April titles I’m Sunny your host at Xbox Central we’re going to kick this off with Guilty Gear strive the ultimate 2D 3D hybrid over-the-top combat title filled with a high octane soundtrack that is sure to keep your heart pumping and your feet dancing to every single hit Guilty Gear strive is a game since its release back in 2021 has received an overwhelmingly amount of positive user reviews for a good reason this action-packed fighting title offers gorgeous 2D 3D Graphics mixed with this superfluid combat animation and impactful visuals combined with a starting roster of over 15 unique characters

Each with its own Story the game is sure to keep you hooked for hours of thrilling gameplay guilty gears tribe is now available to play on game pass on the cloud consoles and PC now our next two games are ones if you guys are a fan of sci-fi horror titles there’s not much like it on the market now they have been available with EA play right now on consoles and PC but today they are joining the cloud which is why we’re talking about these games today but for those who don’t know about these titles both Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 are a pair of survival horror third-person games that are going to leave you in suspense and potentially terrified with their gameplay 

Now Dead Space 2 arrived over 10 years ago back in 2011 and it puts you in the shoes of Isaac Clark an engineer who’s awakened from a coma years later after the events of Dead Space 1 only now he’s on a mysterious space station confused and not sure what’s going on while the game’s over a decade old now and it shows its age a bit it’s still a classic horror title that at times can be very gory and very brutal with its gameplay while also taking the time to have you solving physics-based puzzles and exploring some pretty dark environments this is a good 

One even year later then we have Dead Space 3 this is the third in the trilogy and while this was released back in 2013 it holds up much better today in modern gaming somewhat less scary than the previous two games here you are going to play as Isaac again only now you’re tasked with destroying the source of these creatures and their outbreak despite not having as much horror as previous titles what you get here is a journey across an icy planet that you’ll explore as this title has more emphasis on its action-packed gory combat very robust crafting system and it has you hunting for upgraded gear and taking on a series of missions side missions and a thrilling campaign that can be played completely Solo or fully online with a buddy and if you happen to go the multiplayer route the second player plays as Sergeant John Carver and

It opens up even more dialogue and Intrigue in the story with a second player that you wouldn’t see with the single-player campaign so it’s encouraged to try this out with a buddy for that extra story goodness overall the Dead Space games have been somewhat of hidden gems over the years both Dead Space 2 and 3 will be available for the first time on the cloud on March 9th and are ready to play right now via consoles and PC so valheim is finally making its way onto consoles for game pass this is a title that took the whole gaming World by storm when it released back in 2021 this is a survival title set in Vikings era and lore 

It came offering a refreshingly new Twist on the survival genre that ever since its release has attracted players all around the world even Gamers who aren’t into survival games a procedurally generated world filled with mythical creatures from North mythology you’ll be on the hunt to gather resources to upgrade and Build Your settlement your gear and even boats as you explore the lands now in somewhat of a tier system when you defeat one of the bosses in the game new land opens up to explore then you head into that new land and you gather resources and build up Your Arsenal again to take on the new boss of that new land you just discovered it’s a game that can be played completely Solo or it could even be more enjoyable with a group of friends that’s the way I’ve experienced it and it was just a blast this is a survival game with no annoying drinking or eating as well to stay alive 

It’s just really a game about pure gameplay crafting and exploring at its heart and it’s why it’s one of my favorite survival games of the past few years this finally will hit consoles on Game Pass on March 14th now speaking one of my favorite game Sid mere civilization 6 is officially headed to Game Pass and if you’ve gotten to know me over time on this channel I’ve said before that I’m not usually a fan of strategy titles but the civilization franchise has been one of those exceptions it’s a classic Forex style title that puts you in charge of a nation that will set its course starting from practically the Stone 

Age to modern day technology and you’re completely in the driver’s seat of your civilization as the game progresses you’ll decide on what technology to research whether that’s culture based to advance your society’s music art literature and win the game that way or maybe you just want to go to war and Conquer your fellow neighbors so you base your research on war Technologies as you try to take them over as they are just trying their best to advance their own cultures it’s a Sandbox through and through where you can go any route you wish you can be a peaceful nation and simply expand without War which I typically do or you could just fight your way through and take on Espionage to rule over your fellow Nations the Civ games over the years for me are one of those that you can just kind of sit back relax throw on some music and play a game completely at your pace set the rules that you want and each playthrough is going to be procedurally generated that means the replayability here is a literally Limitless as every time 

I’ve booted up a new game is an entirely different experience from my other playthroughs I have hundreds of hours invested in this one so even if you’re not a big fan of strategy games I still highly encourage a civilization six it’s become one of the best strategy games on the market right now and one that’s going to be one of the best on Game Pass as it hits on March 16th across Cloud consoles and PC Nino Cooney 2 has you on a journey playing as king Evans set on an ambitious quest to unite the world and set up a whole new kingdom where there’s nothing but peace and no evil now number two in the series is largely separate and it takes place much later of the events of the first game so you don’t need to play that one to get in this 

One now this action RPG open-world title will put you on a series of missions and exploring to get that goal of bringing peace to all the land but what’s also unique about this game is there’s an element of literally you building that land from scratch by placing buildings and assigning job roles to Citizens so you’ll be building this new land Brick by Brick so when you’re out there defeating the evils of the land you’ll be gathering resources to bring them back to keep this Loop going mixed with an intriguing story and 

With a colorful cast of characters plus some pretty gorgeous cell-shaded Graphics this is a title that kinda has it all with about 40 hours to complete the game it’s an RPG that I do highly recommend and I’m glad it’s making its way onto game pass this March 21st expect to see it on consoles and PC another Big Game Pass game joining later this month is MLB the Show 23 and this year new modes are joining the party as you follow the story of some MLB Legends but highlights to gameplay are what stand out there’s gonna be new Fielding attributes that make the game more realistic the picture and batter Dynamics get 

A big gameplay revamp there’s gonna be completely new animations over 5 000 to be exact also debuting on MLB The Show 23 is a host of new in-game visual updates as well MLB the show 23 should make its debut on Game Pass on March 28th another title coming this March is the game infinite guitars this is a completely new rhythm-based RPG that has us saving the universe well with guitars and while electrifying guitar solos will be Humanity’s Last Hope the game is filled with an original soundtrack some awesome turn-based RPG action and some really fun Rhythm games this looks promising as it arrives on Game Pass on March 30th then we have way to the woods this also makes its debut release as you play as a deer and fawn lost in an unknown the world you must now journey to find your way back home with nothing but the power of light to see in the darkness this will be hitting sometime in March alright with that we have a series of games coming this April and we have a newly announced Game Pass games coming this 2023. 

We’ll start this off with Minecraft Legends coming April 18th where the evil piglets are invading the world it’s going to be your job to stop them full force the game’s gameplay so far has shaped up to be action-packed and wild but it’s also featuring some pretty robust multiple player actions that I just didn’t expect to see with this one this will be hitting console’s PC and the cloud next month then we have a Metroidvania I’ve been looking forward to all year in the last case of Benedict Fox here you’ll be unleashing your inner detective as you delve deeper into a universe of dark rituals and serial killings you’ll be exploring the memories of the Dead to uncover Clues and secrets leading up to their death as you try to solve the very last case our next game this April is going to be 

Homestead Arcana and you play as a witch who builds her own Farm sewing and farming to help you reach your most powerful spells in a bid to heal the corrupted land that surrounds you you’ll be exploring and battling and resource Gathering those will be your main goals as this is a new Twist on Farm Sims that hit sometime next month we also got a completely newly announced Game Pass game coming this 2023 in City skylines too this game will now expand more offering a deeper simulation as you build your City from scratch as the game gets even more realistic this time around so far we don’t have a date for this sandbox 

City Builder and there’s no gameplay just yet but this should be a good one when it releases, later on, to game pass this year now another new game announced for Game Pass is lamplighters league this is a brand new adventure strategy title from Paradox Interactive that on First Impressions gives me a bit of more x-com style gameplay only in this one you’ll be sneaking stealing and shooting your way out of some nefarious situations as your goal is to outweigh your enemies at every single turn-based in the 1930s 

You’ll be recruiting your team with their unique abilities as you control these crazy characters to stop a twisted evil trying to reshape the world in their evil image this looks good I’m excited for this one no release date just yet this will be a day one game pass release finally guys we have the games of leaving game pass this March I do want to highlight both games here that I just need to highlight Goat Simulator and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy if you guys haven’t played them give them a shot both are amazing games and if you want to buy them you have that discount as well one of them was in my top 50 to play so sad to see them go on March 15th if you guys want a list of the best 50 games to play on Game Pass

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