Alabama vs Texas Thrilling Ending | 2022 College Football

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Apprentice in motion, they hand it off and Gibbs falls forward looks like he has the first down like he did from the angles that we had this is probably the best look at it got to try to establish where that ball is and then when he’s down there his butts down well I don’t know based on that spot tough to see the ball tough to see the ball

Gerardo is down, but the ball is short on the line again and a half yard to go at the 24 and a
half yard line they give it to him did he get it to let’s see judging by that far spot I don’t think

he got it the hit on Williams right there and you can see the ball coming loose and they did Texas football card has been plagued by a lower leg injury here he is over the middle he has his man Johnson Johnson pulls his way forward and picks up a first down you
see that right here safety over the top over worthy second and seven plays fake cards over the middle caught Kane

taxes in same side Alabama territory that’s a gate of 29. now card under Center they hand it off Johnson goes outside and steps out of bounds for four here’s a handoff straight ahead Robinson took a sack that’s exactly what you said, partner

Anderson brings up fourth down this one actually from 49 yards away Auburn tries to beat Alabama got it up Bryce young and an inexperienced wide receiver Corps first down and 10 of the 25 young underneath and it’s caught by Burton and Burton gets out of bounds for 57.

second and two with the 33. young over the middle Gibbs with Running Room and Gibbs gets into Texas territory timeout left for Alabama young looking sideline caught is tied in
the two-second and five Bryce Young sideline again and he’s close to the first time and once again it’s latou his tight end

young Under Pressure Place contained young runs young first down and more what a play by the Heisman Trophy winner Bryce young a 19-yard gain dodging bullets a transfer from Ohio State misses the tackle boom young dips under look at me he goes down dips in towards the line of scrimmage and then he’s out outside of the flexibility athleticism the awareness

young sidearms caught and out of bounds position here right hash for a field goal to potentially Win It Reichert tied a career-high earlier today with a 52-yarder this one from 33 yards away clean snap good hole and once again right down Main Street and Alabama takes a 20-19 lead with 10 seconds remaining five seconds remaining card
steps up and card lets it go and incomplete and that’s a ball game folks

Alabama comes back and they defeat Texas on the road 20-19 a thriller Nick Saban and Coach Sarkeesian Embrace what a game Alabama Crimson Tide football Ohio State Buckeyes football Related From PSC HighlightsLiveRecently uploaded

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