Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Luis Ortiz Fighters

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Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Luis Ortiz Fighters Give Their Predictions
Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Luis Ortiz Fighters Give Their Predictions

what’s up this is Danny Garcia and make sure you guys tune in to Andy rosy versus Louis king Kong Ortiz live on paper view let’s get it it’s gonna be a heavyweight slugfest looking forward to the big boys, uh getting in the ring and then smacking each other uh my prediction I think Ruiz

wins uh I think he’s a sharp boxer and he’s got all the tools if you all pay attention to me I know I hate making predictions for fights but you know I like to give my analysts my analytical uh perspective of what I think is going to happen we got an excellent car top to bottom I want to encourage everybody to order the pay-per-view it’s an event

it’s like it’s a great night of boxing but I’ve seen the main event we got the heavyweights Ruiz versus Ortiz I think both guys are gonna go down um I guess this is the case where the most muscular man survives because I don’t think this fight is gonna go the distance um both guys can box both guys have speed have high work rates both guys been eating a lot of shots lately and coming back strong this is going to be a good fight man this is I think it’s kind of that rocked socket back and forth match think it ends with Andy wine’s win

Hey what’s up guys speeding machine Ellis here man in my position against Lewis Ortiz but anyways I got anywhere he’s winning that fight it’s a tough fight to choose from you

Know they both played fighters but I just believe any reason that is out working put that pressure on him okay

What’s up guys this is Ramos here just want to remind you guys about the Luis fortes versus Andy Ruiz fight, uh it’s gonna be a very entertaining fight it’s a must-win for both fighters so they’re gonna leave it on the ring, and uh you know we’ve had some

Excitement every division with the glue sticks versus Joshua fight and I don’t think this guy’s gonna be accepted so make sure to tune in

in our prediction for the contest I got Ortiz winning this one, I think it’s going to be a war but I think he’s going to come out on top yeah man this would be a great fight I got Ortiz winning in this one

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