Apple Sep 2022 Event 8 Things to Expect

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The new iPhone for 3 weeks and wildlife and for team is always a l i policy in fact this year we would have the biggest difference between the nonprofit and the promoter and industrial hand bag iPhone 9 leaks that have just come out since it’s not what the always on display has been so we heard about a vision for the coming tomorrow is for a long time now I was young was the first three point that area 14 12 to be dropping from 800 to a 133 between Apple to add obese and functionality to the 1402 that Apple will be adding over some functionality from our roles but for the first time ever the only some functionality has been reviewed and demo in ext4 theme is better for Riders team also found that it is actually a functional always on display in the m p of this is able to operate the iOS simulator and us so we have two images in one of the map shows the always on display was one of the wide shows the expansion and all the foremost display is just a damned version of the box pain as we were all expecting anything like that will budget and gets less detailed in the observed with example the way it works on the Apple watch it keeps the same watch faces and

simply just then Z and simplify it would be so how could they have made such a big unannounced feature being present in the various X covered there as we all time you won’t know this is anything we are happening but the moment is no doubt that is when you notice that before he iPhone wakes up you have a different mode a more in which the witches and the text or fully y12 detail so this is indeed a separate which is new or visa functionality this is likely the reason why Apple is the readable call to see and I don’t think it’d been present in another version of our users from the same cell in Excel for 3 bit of 40 Seawoods Navi Surat state for wallpapers fix it is still being a virgin and the mirror cover version of Adobe Patari have side by side from fish wallpaper is and can see how the orange on the coronavirus in the fish is acted on and everything is it was doing sent to it but is there any

way that is also worked up over iPhone models and technically it could easily work iPhone 13 Pro as the world has 808 low enough food is always on display two storey Thor efficient and if you really want to the Colossal night without even older iPhone Villa secrets Hawa if you take a look at ourselves in the 70s 80s Naino that had a city on Twitter that even function our effective user Gandhi always on functionality to work on iPhone 10 using iOS 16 this is slightly above as it’s not supposed to work on iPhone 10 it to the almighty so have determined the first time I can’t which you’re not supposed to have in your vision display Meri or simply just another operation of this reminded me a while ago that is very likely tested you always and functionality on older iphonewalls to your hotel chicken is working on iPhone models I would only get my home side because this is one of the key selling points of vehicle for control reason why Apple variety of Duty per exclusive to the 14 April so that we can’t remember your world and we might just get the Knights and mode when we have only a collage on the iPhone 4S 81 my favourite feature on

Apple watch to use it every single night for you have do you have your iPhone charging and you also need to better understand the vertical stand to this is the time but I think is awesome feature and where you would also reported that only the always on display would be disabled by default and that tune able to have to go to settings and then display brightness and an airport from there it’s strange for a brand new exclusive feature to be disabled by default even if it is this is because the battery life actually takes a big himself was hoping that this isn’t the case for apple B for list with images of the trigger in the process in the previous video talking about more reports that the right one for the team would be using a 15 should instead of the 816 will be reserved for the pro models are saying that it is very likely that the 816 would even when the today 16 and under 50 inside iPhone 4 teams would be branded A63 marketing purposes we expect to see any performance improvements with the base iPhone 4 Auraten to ensure the design is mean that will protect ship Cruise meaning of vapour chamber Moto G idle for ITI students this video is founded by blink an Amazon company will be sent over the Bling ring video doorbell for us to check out at a premium price of 50 pound for Pound with the same model 2002 are there is a great choice it considered black or white is it any location and that is also there is it install interesting powered by a battery cell if there is no main wiring required when will prices on your job to get notifications treasure found and supported by a week and Jo Sep Apple back which is actually the most awaited Apple event of the year at that point we have the new iPhone and apple watch and also Bantu for front in overcoming not one not two not 5 but 8 big announcement to expect from another one we have the homepod is a second home or to comment on whole body was discontinued

Batman 2021 22 and the number of sales now for the launcher home Padmini that in 2020 it’s over now if you want to buy a home for the only option that we have is the meaning if you have it you have the Mini version Fariyad extended version is no was very well but you can’t make u cry the be coming back to say that the designs are the going to change that marks the overall we should see something very similar to your home and was also if it’s the worst thing that Apple is working on a new home with the size in between the many and the cold weather tomorrow I am and closed its vector format return in the fourth quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2012 will be updated with a motor that supports and the processor is meant to be updated from the Oppo a83

Apple essay which will be the same shape that we have in the new Apple watch to see that Apple will need to consider the price and unit of whole god is the cost $249 then dropped it you Chennai and still didn’t sell and then the end of this conceiving it was none other than this one the cell theory well I think is Apple good prices around 150 dollars for one area and the highest I think this trend will be the sweet for the home that you expect from the event with airpods 2 vs animal coming three years after your records from 1 to introduce check out time without any update about you have instruments recording 84 will design a design that would drop this time for a more compact form factor covid-19 more recently for this is not happening anymore with the desired remaining mostly the same that we will be getting some small changes to the air force 3 division but for the most part it will remain unchanged from getting what does it change the oil quality should be improved by just by the sea audio standard of the father of these improvements to noise reduction and there is the audio quality in general the cases of getting some updates are so it is getting find my functionality with a built-in speaker and also seeing a temporary idea that you can simply place the taste and you are you want and then you will be more crucial time on your from whatever the case is a position then another update USB type C

Apple is looking the condition of the product esp32 24 tas 150 MB switching to a number 3 we have the Apple watch so this is an entirely new Apple watch for something that has never done before it is it your the new design which is it to be a major departure from the current apple watch series 7 design now you can be expected to see some flat address here but if you have not have any for ages according to my government and both have a circle design even so I have to wait and see exactly what I M M M is actually a very similar to a Casio watch for example or even just like this report says in a more in our premium style launcher 46 47 mm in size that is specific to the are you think that this would be way too big for people even if someone is this is way too big for me but at the same time it is all set to be getting more durable with Titanium case and its effect upon the square is basically the same for everyone higher than the titanium version of the Apple watch series 4 is also be getting a body temperature sensor which is quite useful and you only getting notifications it with textured have a fever resources available hormone which will enable you to get more Swades of bad why we should be a first for earlier we might also see some cellular connectivity on this is essentially allowing you to make phone calls when you are out in the words and emotional connection from your fire and emergency

situations however this is a very expensive apple watch what they will say they were closed between 902 $1000 feature is new design was the changes were also a very high priced at the event you use a change from the Apple watch series 7 in fact the design is remaining the same so that is changing the ship also remains the same Sixth-century essay it will be an f-16 we are getting the same body temperature sensor as India waterproof and maybe just maybe that no formal to support this site is that it was a feature of tomorrow which I do think is my 37 then the only reason they would be for the temperature sensor or otherwise you should also Couple of software upgrades which might be coming such as sleep after detection Corporation section and atrial

fibrillation treatment but these are there will be coming to you or you’re remote of this was not just the same visit to the biggest is said to be the first to the USA from India Happy Chef 1.9.2 was unable to select a pretty big change, in general, the overall quality of the camera and in the change is a new photo covid-19 38 there is no need for services to the same I know you storage options menu anything if I forgot to mention the iPhone through these are getting some message change this one of the biggest change verified on iPad Mini gear ratio is probably the not which is going away and it is being replaced by that purpose for which we

might finally get the parameter back then the promotion will not be able to drop to a minimum refresh rate of one single heard since then what is mean that we will now be single always on this functionality for the first time ever the whole life and finally in the Canvas or getting the biggest change into iPhone 6s resolution is giving birth to 48 megapixels they were also giving 8k video s Zora certificate in which 2816 ship outside a bra newspaper cooling chamber for better performance than yourself AG period 502 OPD Oppo X10 was it really is plastic surgery of your theory watch from 24 to the preferred embodiment of the berries are also getting bigger than the Founder also getting sick so I do hope that we will also be seen in fig 13 times from the 50% 3736 a new color a purple tree place is your blog or getting some massive have I was 16 and what is 9 official releases which are white Apple event on track and there are some big changes coming to both

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