Big blow to Pakistan T20 ranking after losing 1st T20 vs Afghanistan

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After the defeat in the first T20 match by Afghanistan, Pakistan’s T20 ranking suffered a big blow. While dreaming of becoming the world’s number one T20 player, there is a fear of being out of the gift. Pakistan team started the series with them on August 28 against the world number three T20 team, just behind the world number two England. It was only three minutes behind and in addition, Albany is also behind only in the non-league, but after losing the last match, Pakistan has suffered a big blow.

Whose rating was two points away today when Esi will update her colors regarding the teams, Pakistan’s 2 more points will be reduced from 258 to 256 which is the current world number. 4 will be equal to the team which is South Africa but if Pakistan face one more failure then not only Pakistan will sit in the third position but also if they have to suffer the loss of clean sweep then the Pakistan team The New Zealand team is at the fifth place in the time and will also be out of the final

251 points are all the more important for Pakistan to sweep this series as Pakistan has then won a series of five ODIs against New Zealand, if it gives Pakistan good results, at least 23 It would have been a good sign for Pakistan if it had won by a margin of It could have been a big development that there was a golden opportunity for him to become world number twenty but the defeat of the last match has created an alarm situation for Pakistan and Pakistan must win the first match of the series otherwise Pakistan will go ahead. 

It’s going to be out of the fire and it’s going to be a big blow and that’s the thing that always says you have to put the experience in front but also you from Spain which is your MP. Oh, it’s happening to him too you must put the experience in front but along with that you from Spain who has been your MPA must also be a part of the team and this is what you will try in Pakistan but this thing. Also, Pakistan has been defeated by Afghanistan for the first time in the history of the series, but now Pakistan is on the verge of saving the series because of the way the last match was played, in this match, Pakistan

The confidence will be with the Wahabis, and their morale will be high, but in comparison, the confidence of the Pakistan team will be low, especially the young sons of Pakistan and there will be a lot of pressure on their batsmen, especially Sahiwal Mohammad. The players who are less mentally strong to face all the criticism will be under pressure, now it is to be seen if both of them get a chance in tomorrow’s match and I think both of them will get a chance. It should be met because after failing in one match you can’t say that you have failed so Mohammad Haris and journalists got very upset and this thing is not going in Pakistan’s favor so Pakistan will have to think now. 

Imad Wasim will have to step up and because of this Pakistan team can not lose and save the USA from going down further if you Pakistan bowlers have proved in the last match that they show the courage to sit. And give some laughs, then the governors of Pakistan and They can defend the score of runs and the success of Pakistan will be on the bed of Pakistan, especially those young sons who have put poetry above the heart, in which, apart from Muhammad Haris Humayun, Azam Khan, and Abdul Haq are also prominent. Now it is to be seen what role Pakistan’s batting line plays in the N match which is today and will be played tomorrow.

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