Bolton reacts to Trump’s post that he expects to be arrested

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You served in the Trump administration. I have to ask you about the news of the day, the news that former President Trump posted on truth, and social justice this morning, that he expects to. Your thoughts? Well, just to explain, if he is about to be arrested, it almost certainly means he’s going to be indicted first. He’s going to be required to come in and surrender himself to answer the indictment. So it’s not some random decision. I strongly believe in a free society. 

There’s got to be one rule of law for everybody. I think that’s clear. I don’t know how you make that judgment when you’re talking about a case involving somebody paying hush money to a prostitute or a stripper. I worked for him. It’s a kind of strange situation. But I’ll say this, however, guilty Trump may be and have very much in mind the one rule of law for everybody, if they indict and failed a convict in New York, I think historians would look back and say that is the act that reelected Donald Trump president. Well, I’ve opined here that in the four buckets that I perceive where he faces legal peril. And I have to believe that there’s a risk here of this taint might not be the right word, but tainting the prosecutions that theoretically could follow. 

He’s got a right to vigorously defend himself against this and any other charges that might flow. What I don’t like is his calling for protests, because to me, it’s reminiscent of January six Well, I think this is an important issue, but my view on January sixth is it was not an insurrection. It was a riot. It was one of the saddest days in American history, but it was not an attempted coup because I didn’t think Donald Trump had the wit to conduct the coup. But now, having seen the history, if he’s calling people into the streets this time, he’s seen the experience of January the sixth. And I think this is potentially very dangerous. So, again, people law enforcement in New York has to be concerned about the safety of the citizens of New York. But if something happens in this that allows Trump to make it into a campaign issue, it’s going to be very serious. 

I know, I know this must be galling to many people, but keep your eye on the ball, is what I’d say. I get your point. I mean, I think I, and I think he risks surrendering the argument that this is a seven-year-old sex case when if in fact, it should lead to protests. Hey, I like to respond to social media in real-time. Catherine, put something on the screen so that the ambassador and I can answer it together. 

I’ll read it aloud, Ambassador. And he’s calling for his minions to protest, says Gina. He was careful with his wording this time. He’ll be out before his fingerprint ink can dry your thought Well, he’ll be out of the surrender exercise on Tuesday, almost certainly. I mean, you go in, he’s going to get his mug shot taken. That’ll be interesting. And he’ll be back in some safe location. We’ll see what happens here. We’ll see how many people are willing to turn out for him. It may turn out to be a bust, but I don’t think law enforcement ought to do anything that gives him an excuse to say he’s the most persecuted man in the world.  

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