Brenda Song Macaulay Culkin Welcome Baby No. 2 (Report)

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Brenda Song
Brenda Song

It seems Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have a lot to celebrate the pair welcomed their second child together for a new report from US Weekly for the outlet their bundle of joy is a baby boy named Carson who arrived quote sometime before last Christmas Access Hollywood reached out for comment the couple are also parents to son Dakota whom they welcomed back in 2021 the update about their second child comes after news broke in January 2022 that they were engaged axis Hollywood last spoke with Brenda and her doll face co-star Shay Mitchell last year and she opened up about embracing her 30s I wasn’t I don’t know I didn’t put too much pressure on myself for 30.

To me, it’s like just a number so I think that’s kind of how Stella would approach it too and does approach it whereas Madison is freaking out about it I don’t think Stella really cares you know she’s gonna do what life throws at her and experience it when you know it’s ready for her to experience and that’s kind of how she is and how I am to a certain degree what’s great about our show though it’s like because we have four different personalities tackling one situation you get to see four different opinions and four different women’s perspective on how to handle it because that’s the thing like I think with turning 30 Society everyone has told us like by 30 you should have done this been here like all these things that you’re supposed to accomplish or where you’ve supposed everyone has an idea where they’re supposed to be by 30. 

And so it’s like that’s so much pressure that you put on yourself like for me I remember like when I turned 30 it was almost a sigh of relief because there is such anticipation leading up to it and I finally was able to like let that go like for me my 30th birthday was wonderful it was just like a huge dinner with all of my closest friends in my family and we just ate a whole bunch of food closed the place down just had a good time and I think that’s what it was I there was that pressure to have a big 30 like blowout like what do you want to do for your 30th and I was like I want to do which is eat yummy food with people I love anything that was good that was like basically like the epitome of what my 30s it is just doing what I love and not falling into the pressure of what I think I should be doing 

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