Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II | Warzone 2.0 Season 3 Details Announced, Opening April 13

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(April 13 in Japan). As we approached, Blizzard Entertainment issued a new press release for Japan, announcing the lineup of various new content introduced in Season 3.

There’s also a multiplayer trailer showing off the highlights of the new season.

Check out the latest release info below, which includes tons of details including gunfights in MW2 multiplayer, new maps, the return of Plunder/Resurgence in Warzone 2.0, new weapons, and Battle Pass details.

“Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II” and “Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0” Season 03 starts on April 13, Japan time!

~New multiplayer maps coming with the new season
Various new functions were added such as the revival of “Plunder” and “Gunfight” ~

Season 03 of “Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II” and “Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0” will start at 2:00 am (Japan time) on April 13th.

Dominate the Battle Pass AO with the return of Gunfight and Plunder game modes, the DMZ trade system, Intervention Legendary Sniper Rifle, Warzone Ranked Play, and exclusive Black Cells in the new season Various new features such as new methods will be added. And the settlement between Alejandro and Valeria…

‘Gunfight’ Returns to Modern Warfare® II, New Map

“Gunfight” returns with four new maps, including Warzone 2.0’s Concentration Camp Black Site and Shipment.

Gunfight, a 4-player, 2v2 game mode that was popular in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® (2019) and was the forerunner of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Concentration Camp, Random load-outs and cage-matched small maps make for tactical, fast-paced combat. Gunfight details here you can also check it from the blog.

■ Gunfight: OSP Available in Regular Playlist Update (During Season)

During the Season, Gunfight: OSP Mode will be available in addition to standard Gunfights as part of regular playlist updates.

OSP stands for On-Site Procurement, which means that it is different from the conventional mode. Instead of receiving random load-outs each round, players must acquire their own weapons and equipment scattered around the map. So when playing this version of the mode, quicker action and coordination become even more important.

■ 3 New Core Maps, 2 Battle Maps Coming During the Season

New locations, familiar battle maps, and the first Night Infiltration in Modern Warfare II add a new twist to the game’s multiplayer maps.

Pelayo’s Lighthouse (core map, at launch)

The lighthouse provides guidance to passing ships through the night as the rain beats against the cliffs of this small, rocky island. Still, nearby shipwrecks testify to the enormous dangers involved in navigating rocky waters.

Black Gold (core map, at launch)

Located in the Rohan Oil section of Al Mazra, this core map is the setting for Modern Warfare II’s first-night operations. Operators must use night vision goggles, thermal sights, and other light sources to gain the upper hand in this dangerous strategic location.

Rohan Oil (battle map, at launch)

Rohan Oil, a key location in Warzone 2.0, will have a wider combat area due to the expansion of the core map, and will be set in the daytime, so various vehicles, both land and air, will run from the silo to the target.

Sattiq Cave Complex (battle map, at launch)

South of Rohan Oil, the Sateek Cave Complex offers a mix of elevation combat, small building collisions, and indoor combat in an intricate cave network. Also, veteran players of the series may recognize the crashed aircraft and the surrounding area…

■ Return of two modes: Crank and Ground War Infected

In addition to fan-favorite playlists and rotations featuring new maps from Season 03, two modes are returning to our regularly rotated playlist each week.


First appearing in Call of Duty®: Ghosts and most recently in Modern Warfare® (2019) and Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, Clank is a Team Deathmatch where a timer kicks in for the operator who gets the kill. This mode further enhances the strength of

ground war infected

You can now play on a larger battle map while keeping the charm of Infected.

If you aren’t chosen to be the first infected, join your fellow survivors and fight to survive the chaos for as long as possible. While this mode offers valuable killstreaks, survivors will need a good amount of skill and a bit of luck to reach the ultimate ending…

■ New Rewards for Multiplayer Ranked Play

「Call of Duty」

Ranked Play and Call of Duty League players will have new rewards at the start of Season 03.

As with last season, top finishers in the Gold tier and above will earn new operator skins and cosmetics, with special rewards at the end of the season for Top 250 and World No. 1 players. Additionally, all Ranked Play rewards from Season 02 will be available at the start of Season 03.

Detail isherePlease confirm.

■ New Core Map, Raid Episode 3 Coming Midseason

The Intercept core map is coming as part of the mid-season update, but it’s not the only one included in this update.

Special Ops will receive a major content update mid-season in the form of new missions and new raid episodes. In this new mission, the Operator takes on the Las Almas Cartel somewhere in Al Mazura and an all-out war for survival unfolds.

This will definitely help you get more Stars in Special Ops.

A new episode of Raid, which follows Task Force 141 in the campaign, will also be released as a mid-season update for Season 03.

WARZONE 2.0 Brings Plunder Back, Al Mazura Gets Resurgence

■ Resurgence is back

Fans of fast-paced Lethage Mode can look forward to the new version of Lethage, in addition to Sea Lion Island remaining an option in the game mode.

First up is Massive Resurgence, which, as the name suggests, is a Lesage mode on the larger Al Mazrah map. Player counts will ramp up for Al Mazrah, so be prepared to face dozens of duos and other squad sizes depending on your weekly playlist.

■ “Plunder” revival

Plunder, the mode that first appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone three years ago, returns in Warzone 2.0.

■ Al Mazra’s New Concentration Camp

Fight your final duel in Warzone 2.0’s first concentration camp. In Season 03, Eliminated Operators will be sent to Al Mazra’s New Concentration Camp (if not closed due to match time). Modern Warfare II owners can practice looting and more on this map by playing gunfights and private matches.

■ Battle Royale New and Returning Features

Warzone 2.0 brings new features to all Battle Royale modes in addition to Plunder. You can learn more about this in our Tactical Overview blog, which we’ll be delivering before the Season launches.

Redeployment Drones Coming to Al Mazra

Redeployment drones flying from Sea Lion Island provide a quick way to move around the map alongside trains and other land, sea and air vehicles.

Reinforcement plate carrier

Armor Pouches and Reinforced Plate Carriers, new elements from Caldera, will change how armor plates are handled.

UAV tower

First seen in the DMZ, the UAV Tower can be activated during a match and provides an important static source of enemy location. Using the tower’s computer, the operator and his allies can obtain information from the UAV multiple times at ranges up to tens of meters around the tower’s location.

Warzone Ranked Play Coming Soon!

Form a team of 3 and aim for the top 250.

Developed by Treyarch and Raven Software, Call of Duty: Warzone’s Ranked Play is where trios can prove themselves to be the best in the world.

Details of the new endeavor will be published mid-season. Until then, hone your skills with Trios or qualify for the World Series of Warzone.

general overview

■ Rivals Alejandro and Valeria, Battle Pass Highlights, New Operator List

Alejandro and El Sin Nombre are available in Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 online modes when you purchase the Battle Pass.

Alejandro Vargas

Led by Alejandro, who was born and raised in Las Armas, Los Vaqueros is the only unit in the country authorized to work with international special forces, including CIA units led by Bureau Chief Kate Laswell.

Valeria Garza

Valeria, a former Mexican special forces soldier who once worked with Alejandro, defected to the cartel in 2014 and eventually rose to power as the leader of the Las Almas Cartel. Valeria has overcome the ill-treatment she received during her early years in the military and is now one of the most fearsome and skilled operators in the world, empowered to complete any task on her own.

More Operators Coming During Season 03

Season 03 will see more Operators beyond these mighty rivals. Stay tuned for more information on the Operators who will be buffing Koltak and Specglue this season and beyond.

■ Weapon Additions in Season 03 Including Legendary Intervention, New Battle Rifle

Intervention is back with a new Battle Rifle in the Battle Pass and other weapons arriving throughout the season. Few weapons in Call of Duty’s history have struck a chord with veteran players of the series more than the Intervention Sniper Rifle…and every other new weapon this season will be legendary in its own right…

FJX Control

An anti-personnel bolt-action sniper rifle designed for top-notch sabotage. Put an end to the tense war situation with the high-power .408 bullet.

Cronen Squall

Bullpup using 6.8 Wrath, semi-auto rifle. Designed to give high power from long range.

■ Coming in a new Battle Pass: Black Cell

New Operators and exclusive items will be available at the launch of Season 03 as part of the new Battle Pass offer. New in Season 03 is the new Battle Pass offer, Black Cell, which replaces the existing Battle Pass bundle.

The regular Battle Pass will still be available for 1,100 COD Points per Season. More details will be published on our blog soon.

Battle Pass Update – Automatic Pass

In addition to Black Cell, the Battle Pass will update and streamline how content is unlocked with the new Automatic Pass feature.

Players who want to focus on the game regardless of what they get first will now have the option to efficiently and automatically progress through each AO Sector’s Battle Pass Chart. You can also manually earn Battle Token Tier Skips and use them like you have in previous Seasons.

More information on this feature and Black Cell can be found in our Battle Pass and Featured 

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