Capcom Has Huge Plans for Resident Evil Remake

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Resident Evil Remake
Resident Evil Remake

This week is going to be a big one the year 2023 is going to have non-stop hit after hit Released on Friday we have a legendary title releasing the fourth entry in the series something that you guys have all been waiting for John Wick 4. and Resident Evil 4 remake Capcom themselves are primed and ready for a huge year because not long after Resident Evil 4 drops we’re going to have about three months until Street Fighter 6 drops then after that Square Enix is finally getting them together and dropping greatness known as Final Fantasy 16. 

Everybody is eating well this year guys it seems the gaming industry has finally gotten back on track I just beat the Resident Evil 2 remake for the first time on stream the other day that stream was posted and the highlights will be coming soon subscribe and hit that notification Bell so you don’t miss our Claire B playthrough later tonight this week is a full-on Resident Evil week so on Tuesday we’re going to be aiming to play Resident Evil 3 remake then Wednesday Resident Evil 4 for a little bit on PC and Thursday we can stream Resident Evil 4 remake but that would be on PlayStation 5. 

So let me know if you guys would love to see that or if you’d want me to wait for the PC playthrough on Friday Resident Evil 4 remake is set up to have a lot of support throughout this year if the alleged rumors are true till this day many fans play Resident Evil 4 original regularly on stream it’s a testament to how great this game has been since the remake’s reviews have dropped many outlets have been praised in the game almost as if history is repeating itself and Capcom is about to drop one of the greatest games of all time yet again from some of the reviews 

We’ve heard it’s been revealed that compared to previous remakes the devs have changed some things and while some story elements are not present instead of just cutting content out entirely as they did in Resident Evil 3 and 2 remakes they instead made sure to add in something new to replace said cut things which many reviewers have stated to be in great additions and improvements after Resident Evil 4 remake releases we know mercenaries mode is coming later as a free DLC but when 

It comes down to the separate ways Ada Wong’s story that sadly doesn’t come with the Resident Evil 4 remake at least on release allegedly hit that like button if you guys are excited about Ada’s DLC and Resident Evil 4 dropping let’s get the video to over a thousand likes to continue the hype into the Resident Evil 4 remake release week 

When Resident Evil 4 was released on PlayStation 2 they included separate ways where we play as Ada Wong and experience her side of the story going through the village the original release on GameCube did not have this Resident Evil 4 remake is already a decently long game with a lot of content packed into it some people are clocking in 17 hours to complete the main story While others are saying 20 hours this is good for a single player linear story with limited World traversing and now to do everything in the game including side missions finding all the items Etc 

A full completionist run the devs are saying could take over 30 hours which would be the second longest Resident Evil game after Resident Evil 6. so I can see why Capcom is leaving Ada’s missions for later DLC it’s not a bad business strategy for them to drop it later in the year which would provide a solid year of people continuing to consume and make content on this game and their other properties and it’s honestly going to make capcom’s fiscal year earnings look good we have rumors From 

Dusk Golem saying that this is exactly capcom’s plan thus Golem has had accurate Resident Evil leak info in the past and has stated that separate ways are released later as DLC for the re4 remake which sounds like it’s going to be a great time given how big of a factor pacing and content is being for Capcom with the main story this only means we can expect great things for the DLC as it’s also rumored to being more expanded on as well after playing as Leon with these new mechanics in the re4 demo I honestly cannot wait to see just what Ada’s gameplay will be like when that time comes 

If you had to ask me I could see Ada’s DLC dropping maybe in the fall time of the year I mean in a perfect world they would wait till October right horror themes and whatnot I never actually got a chance to go through separate ways when I played re4 on PS2 than on PlayStation 3. so this time around I can imagine is going to be way more engaging and a treat for many fans all over what are you guys most excited for and looking forward to in Resident Evil 4 remake comment below 

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