Chelsea sign Wesley Fofana from Leicester!

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Chelsea sign Wesley Fofana from Leicester!
Chelsea sign Wesley Fofana from Leicester!

Chelsea and Wesley Stefano, who has now completed his move to the west London the club from Leicester City is a 70 million-pound fee plus a possible five million pounds in add-ons avifauna had completed a medical in America and has now signed a seven-year deal and this is what he’s had to say about this move the

The last two days have been really big for me and I’m really happy I trained dream for me, I’m very excited to start I’m here to win trophies the champions league, premier league fa cup carob cup everything I came here to win and the club is built to win trophies so I’m here to continue that in terms of the chairman todd Bowley

He’s had this to say Wesley is a hugely promising defender who has already proven his quality in the premier league able to bring one of Europe’s most exciting

So Chelsea has got their man, but they’ve had to pay a huge fee to get their man because it puts him in the top five for the most expensive transfers for a defender the farmer’s move to Stamford the bridge makes him the second most expensive defender of all time with harry Maguire’s move from Leicester to Manchester united is the only deal to have cost more than the 75 million pounds paid for matches what Liverpool pay for Virgil van dyke and eclipses the fees paid for

Lucas Hernandez and Matthias de lit and that 75 million signings also pushes Chelsea further clear at the top of the premier league highest spenders this summer in todd burley’s first transfer window as Chelsea owner they’ve now spent 268 million pounds almost 80 million more than the team currently in second place who are west ham with 179.15 caveats finally got over the line Chelsea finally has their man and it’d

be fair to say in terms of the deal that the chairman the owner todd burley when you look at the Chelsea website has put himself front and center of this deal he’s the interim sporting director at the moment so he’s the one who’s doing all these deals and taking the lead and

Thomas to call told him a couple of months ago that he wanted Wesley for fauna they wanted two center-backs, they got kali kula Bali they also wanted Wesley for fana problem was that Lester didn’t want to sell him and if they were going to sell him it was going to be we were led to believe close to a world record fee for a defender they wanted around 80 million pounds so Chelsea getting him for slightly less than that they made quite a lot of bids 50 60 million pounds before that and the player himself he’s had to put a little bit of pressure on Leicester as well because players can

play their part in making these deals happen Brendan Rodgers himself spoke about the fact that Fofana’s behavior has been a little bit different for instance, harry Maguire’s behavior

when he got his move to matches to united Maguire just got his head down and carried on playing till the move happened for fans we saw him a couple of years ago he put a lot of pressure on sanitation to force them to sell him to Leicester west, the ham was also interested and again this summer by his behavior,

he’s sort of back Lester into a little bit of a corner, but at the end of the day Lester will think this is a guy we only had for two years he’s had a really serious injury he was out for seven months, he’s only played 40 times so getting 70 million pounds doubling your money in two and a half year I think is a good deal for

Leicester as well as far as Chelsea are concerned, this guy is the best young center-back in the business, but the only issue is he still hasn’t played for France you’re talking about 70 million pounds on a player who’s not an international yet but if he carries on developing the way he has been he is going to be an exceptional player

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