Cobra Kai Season 5 Ending Explained

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Cobra Kai Season 5 Ending Explained
Cobra Kai Season 5 Ending Explained

Who would have guessed that teaching one jersey kid living in the San Fernando valley karate would have high-stakes ramifications across literal generations cobra Kai 5 season takes what started as a simple new kid vs. bully relationship to a climax with global implications winning local tournaments is fine and all but silver has bigger

Goals global goals so what has karate’s most enthusiastic bad guy done to take the valley’s karate cult to the next kids and kids of the kids that have been caught up in it, be prepared for spoilers for the latest season of cobra Kai and let’s go ahead and dive right into it, we all know the story of Daniel Larussa the kid from jersey menace by karate bullies that learns a lesson about balance and discipline through the thoughtful karate lessons of Mr. Miyagi then he learns it again in Okinawa and then once again back in the valley when he faces off with the most 80s villain to have ever slicked his hair back a lot

Has happened since original and best bully Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso reignited their rivalry throughout four seasons of Cobra Kai we’ve seen Lawrence and Larusso if not reconcile at least come to an understanding with each other Mr. Miyagi said that there’s no such thing as bad students only bad teachers to prove that point Johnny’s revival of Cobra Kai brought back his bad teacher John crease who took over

Cobra kai as part of a misguided plan to bring his former protege back under his wing when that didn’t work enlisted his former partner the ponytail sporting terry silver and crease ended up making a bet on the valley youth karate tournament the winner got to continue teaching karate and the loser had to close up shop is nothing short of a cartoon villain silver, of course, cheated and framed crease with the help of cobra kai hopeful stingray with silver triumphant Larusso had to turn to yet another former rival in the form of miyagido master sensei chosen which set the stage for season five has been the aftermath of that loss when chosen is found out as one of the applicants to be a new cobra kai instructor as part of silver’s

The promise of expansion is chosen and Larusso continues to try and unravel silver’s plants, even if they’re not entirely sure what those plans are it turned out that cobra Kai protege tori had been keeping in touch with a crease in jail who knew what silver’s plan was which he tried to leverage to get out of jail and get his studio back in the beginning silver had plans to take cobra Kai worldwide via an international karate tournament silver figures if cobra Kai can win that tournament not only could he make the tournament well known in the united, states but he could also take Cobra Kai

Karate worldwide he set those plans aside when kris took interest in johnny Lawrence but now silver has cut out his only weakness kris going worldwide is back on the table, yeah the plan was to win an even bigger championship it’s a show about the drama surrounding karate tournaments so really that shouldn’t surprise anyone with the plan revealed daniel johnny and chosen band together to foil silver by well also entering the tournament this led to a showdown between the two dojos for a slot in the international tourney which was kind of pointless because it ultimately didn’t matter they both got

After a night of drinking and celebrating Johnny and his new girlfriend carmen’s upcoming child they run into a drunk former bad boy of karate mike Barnes, who blamed Daniel for getting his furniture store burned down it doesn’t take much to point the blame on the right direction and a drunk chose and Johnny joined spun Barnes to confront silver head-on not realizing
Silver has been housing his new Korean senses meanwhile the kids get a better plan thanks to tori revealing that she’s been working with Kris to undo Silver after she discovered that he tainted her victory by bribing the referee first they try and convince stingray to reverse his testimony and implicate silver failing that they realize that

Silver’s obsession with Security means that his attack on stingray would be stored on a footage server, it’s not, but silver forgot to erase the part where Tory confronts him about his cheating figuring if his students learned how underhanded silver was it would undo

Cobra cut with the help of a teamwork lesson given by choosing the kids can upload the video while the adults are unable to stop silver even if they do eventually win against the senses silver and Daniel end up in one final duel in front of the gathered students where Daniel uses lessons from silver chosen Johnny and the skills and understanding that Mr. Miyagi taught him what better final move than a crane kick to disillusion all of the cobra Kai kids who start taking their gear off for bonus points stingray has finally had a change of heart and recants his testimony implicating silver instead ending the season with silver in cuffs this would have exonerated crease

But after figuring out that he had lost Johnny wound up losing all patience and staged his prison break all he really would have had to have done is just wait a day but whatever I guess hindsight’s 20 20. most of the kids and adults have managed
to reconcile many of their issues, though if Cobra Kai has taught us anything, it’s that they can always come back around for the time being there is at least some degree of peace, except For regards to creating a crease on the run is bad news but where exactly does that leave us I mean it can’t exactly take over Cobra Kai now can he there’s an

Unconventional ally out there in the wings cobra Kai creators since the beginning have said they consider the next karate kid to be part of the Cobra Kai universe this opens the door for Kris to reach out to alpha elite instructor Dugan played by Michael Ironside and his student need, who menaced Miyagi’s other student Julie played by Hilary, swank the creators have indicated that there is an end game they’re working towards and Zabka is hinted at a new film series to follow if I can avoid the Netflix cancellation machine we

Might just have a lot more new karate kids coming our way in the not-too-distant future
maybe the spin-off series could be Hawk stingray and Dimitri Teaming up to solve mysteries Baywatch night style somehow whenever they do solve a mystery they also give an awkward kid confidence through karate and dungeons and dragons I think it’d be great but I don’t see them taking my pitches so that’s probably not gonna happen

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