Cybercriminals started using ChatGPT for phishing and scams

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In March 2023, cybercriminals began to actively use the capabilities of the innovative AI solution. The distribution of the first phishing emails by e-mail, which were developed using this chatbot, was recorded, Izvestia reports. Cybersecurity company T. Hunter notes that attackers are actively using the capabilities of artificial intelligence technologies to increase the reliability of texts and increase the likelihood of deceiving users. Hunter emphasized that cyber fraudsters began to study the functionality of the GPT chatbot since its release in December 2022. The first phishing emails created using this artificial intelligence technology only began to be sent in bulk to users in March 2023. Phishing is now an international business. Therefore, a huge number of emails sent to users from Russia and the CIS countries, written in Russian, are being developed in many other countries of the world by foreign attackers. The press service of the Group-IB cybersecurity company said that the main “problem” of many phishing emails created in Russian by foreign attackers earlier was that they had illiterate content, grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors because they were developed using standard technical online translation. Such deception was clearly visible to ordinary Russian users. Now, with the ChatGPT solution, foreign attackers have the ability to create phishing emails that are as similar as possible to those written by ordinary people. To do this, it is enough to set the chatbot the task of writing a letter, specifying the target audience and language. This approach greatly simplifies the tasks of cyber criminals, so they only need to insert a malicious link into the phishing text that was written by artificial intelligence.

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