Destiny 2: Which Strand Subclass should you Pick in Lightfall?

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Destiny 2

Today we are going to be discussing what I think is going to be the best New Strand subclass between Titans warlocks or Hunters now you’re probably thinking wait a minute light-fall isn’t even here yet how could you possibly know that and you got a good point obviously when light-fall releases we’re gonna discover so many new builds that you couldn’t have predicted however you’re gonna have to pick one of these three sub-classes to start your light-fall journey and I have paid attention to everything combined with my frankly embarrassing amount of time playing Destiny 2

I’m gonna give my opinions on what looks to be to me the most powerful and what is in my opinion a good idea to invest in off the bat when light-fall launches so let’s go over these three sub-classes and highlight their most powerful sounding features starting with the Titan Berserker now when this was first revealed it created controversy because so many Destiny 2 players voiced their disappointment with yet another melee based

Titan subclass Bungie was actually forced to respond and acknowledge the feedback and kind of promise that it’s better than it appears but again we’re not off to a good start regardless the melee is called frenzied blade when you press the button you will lunge forward and slash your opponent now importantly by default you have three melee charges with this so you can go from one enemy to the next to the next if they’re close enough together or presumably melee the same enemy three times in a row with three charged melee attacks which should do significantly more damage than just punching them three times and again this is kind of a big deal right now in Destiny 2 the most melee charges you can get is two with certain things and so having that third melee could potentially give you a huge Edge if you’re you know up in close quarters just melee fighting an opponent within

The Crucible for example so that’s nothing to scoff at in addition the super is called blade Fury so you’re gonna roam around the battlefield the light attack is according to Bungie a supercharged version of the frenzied blade melee we just talked about and each light attack that connects increases the next attack’s speed which maxes out after three hits and then when you connect a bunch of light attacks it builds energy for the heavy attack which shoots out a pair of projectiles that will seek enemies damage them and also suspend them and suspending is huge in strand it negates an enemy’s ability to fight you back for a short time which in PVE especially when we’ve had stuff like stasis freezing enemies is very similar

It’s a very powerful effect now here’s the thing roaming supers can be very very powerful in The Crucible but they tend to be not that great in PVE generally you want one-and-done supers or stuff that supports your team like well or bubble and so this super to me sounds just pretty average however moving to the aspects this is where you find the most powerful features of this build so the first one is called into The Fray destroying a tangle weaves woven male unto the Titan and nearby allies in addition to reducing damage taken this aspect also increases the Titan’s melee energy regeneration while wearing woven male so if you can incorporate generating lots of Tangles which will appear when

You kill enemies with certain strand abilities and weapons and so on and you’re constantly blowing those up woven mail just providing an increase to damage resistance is just gonna be phenomenal especially if it stacks on top of having a hundred resilience for your class for example like this could be a very easy way to get a ton of damage resistance, especially in PVE now the other aspect is dredger’s lash while the Titan casts their class ability their barricade the Titan Will Blast forward a powerful Ripple, in reality, suspending enemies that are caught in the path of the shockwave so this makes it so that every single time

You deploy your barricade which you’re going to be doing a lot because you want to be running a hundred resilience all the time in PVE right for damage resistance you’re going to be shooting out a blast that suspends Targets in front of the barricade that seems very very good right it’s essentially similar to the aspect that the stasis warlock gets were if you cast your Rift nearby enemies are frozen and that has proven itself to be pretty decent so again giving utility and giving extra power to your barricades that you already want to be casting and investing in is just icing on top of the cake that seems very good however again super and melee seem pretty mid with

The exception is if you’re going down a melee build having those three charges could be powerful but we’ve got to move on from there to the hunter so the thread runner’s melee ability is threaded Spike and this will shoot out a rope dart that bounces between enemies damaging and severing them before returning to the hunter now importantly as it’s coming back it will grant melee energy for each enemy hit and also you can catch this Rope Dart by pressing the melee button at the right time so right off the bat this seems like a very powerful melee ability bouncing between all these enemies means

What if there’s a group of enemies one melee can presumably hit a lot of them and also cause that stress transceiver effect is going to reduce the damage output of those enemies you hit so if you get anywhere near your melee energy fully back for catching this it’s probably the best strand melee right is one of sounding like the best melees in the game like bouncing off a bunch of enemies refunding itself just you know you don’t need an exotic or an aspect or whatever it just refunds its energy and also it’s making your survivability better because it’s reducing those enemies damage output like this all sounds great however moving to the super silk strike

It’s another roaming super and we kind of talked about the pros and the Cons with the Berserker but silk strike sounds a lot better you can grapple freely while it’s active so you can move around a lot easier additionally it has the light attack being just kind of shooting out the dart so you can engage enemies at further distances and the heavy attack are you swinging it around in and 360-degree kind of circle around you which is great for clearing like low level uh Red Bar ads so while it does seem a bit better than the Titan Berserker just on the surface level again it I don’t think it’s going to completely take over the meta in PVE would you rather have someone with a silk strike or someone with a tether in most activities the tether is going to be the right choice, especially in higher level activities now as for the aspects you have in snaring Slam

So while in the air you press your air move input to slam downward suspending all nearby enemies so kind of like shatter dive for stasis but with less setup whereas with Shadow dive you’d have to freeze the enemies first get above them and then slam down for the effect right with this it just seems like you jump above them you slam down and then you suspend everyone and again we’ve talked about how to suspend does seem to be very powerful also we have widow’s silk this is going to Grant an additional grenade charge and remember your grappling hook is actually a grenade and this is also going to make Hunter’s grapple ability create a persistent grapple tangle when it latches which fully refunds Grenade energy when grappled too Hunters can use this ability to set up chains of grapple points for the entire team to use greatly enhancing their ability to quickly move around in combat and or

Traverse the environment so this could either be kind of useless or completely insane right imagine if you’re in something like a grand master activity or heck even the new raid this doesn’t kill any enemies or do any damage but oh my goodness it sounds like it could let your whole team get to some insane cheese spots throughout Destiny’s history there’s been you know boss fights where if you’re standing in a certain location you can shoot the boss and the boss can’t hit you but a lot of those are pretty inaccessible if you’re grappling around the entire map you can go anywhere you want I feel like that’s going to open a ton of different cheese spots and this applies to

The Crucible as well if you’re able to Grapple up to some sus spots or simply attack enemies from the middle of the air where they’re not expecting that’s going to give you a huge advantage but guys moving on from there the last subclass to look at is the Warlock brood Weaver now their melee ability is going to be Arcane needle where a deadly projectile which tracks targets causes high damage and unraveling upon impact warlocks can quickly chain three Arcane needles in a row so remember unraveling is going to cause threads to burst out of the Target and attack nearby

Targets that also unravel them when that enemy has attacked slash die so it’s kind of like getting them volatile and then when they die when they’re hit more than volatile explosion goes off and damages nearby enemies and can also sometimes make those nearby enemies volatile as well so the chaining three things is interesting you may want to compare it to the Titans melee ability that had three charges but they don’t say anything about charges here

I think it just kind of remains active for a certain amount of time so if you’re spamming it you can shoot it three times in a row but unlike the Titan where you get three uh charges that you can space out a lot longer the Warlock you have to go all in on three quickly or nothing but again spamming three seeking projectiles as your melee which causes unraveling which is a relevant effect seems very very powerful you know it could even be more powerful than the hunter depending on the range of these seeking projectiles and how much damage they do if you can simply like spam three just around the corner they seek a little bit almost like a modern hidden enemy they’re either completely dead or almost dead like that could be very very good now the super here is going to be the only non-roaming super and it’s called needle storm so this is going to cast a bunch of uh strand spikes like forward like almost like a missile barrage and then

when they stick into enemies they turn into an army of threading after exploding which are gonna hunt down more enemies this warlock subclass has a lot of synergies with thread links right these are essentially like Colony shots The Colony exotic grenade launcher that has projectiles that will turn into little robots and seek around and explode that’s basically what threading do they seek around and they will explode when they get to an enemy and do damage to them so needle storm is, in my opinion, the best PVE super of these three subclasses because it’s not roaming you can get it off it seems to do a lot of damage uh very quickly and then go back to doing whatever you’re doing now as for the aspects you have Weaver’s call so when you cast your

Rift the Warlock weaves three threading eggs which hatch into threading when they hit a surface any perched threadings are converted to additional eggs so importantly guys that perching effect is gonna be unique to this subclass so the other subclasses can spawn threadings with no problem but the Warlock when the threadings are spawned and you’ve killed all the enemies they don’t have any to fight they’re gonna go and perch on you the Warlock kind of turn back into an egg and stay with you until you encounter more enemies and then they’re going to hop off their perch and go forward to damage those new enemies so it’s kind of like you’re not wasting uh your effects you are saving those threadings and they’re only going to be attacking enemies

When there are enemies right that is definitely a pretty useful thing and certainly this aspect seems very useful you are going to be casting your Rift all the time with the Warlock you want 100 recoveries to just Spam those healing or even empowered riffs over and over again so spawning these threadings which go out and do additional damage like that just seems so good it’s very similar to what we talked about with the Titan aspect that adds effects to your barricade you want to be casting your Rift as much as possible and now you’re getting additional benefits for doing so very very good now the other aspect is mind spun invocation and this is going to improve all three of the different strand grenades so kind of like how Touch Of

Thunder for the arc Titan improves all the art grenades this is going to make your grapple when you execute a grapple melee so when you grapple and you’re finishing that grapple you’re getting close to enemies you can do a special grapple melee ability and this will now spawn three threading eggs from the targets so you’re now creating threadings for doing that too for the threading grenade you can consume your threading grenade to generate a full complement of perched threading so obviously normally you just throw your threading grenade it spawns you know a few threading it seeks to nearby enemies right but with this, you can turn it into likely way more threadings that just have that perched unpatched attack ability right then lastly with the shackle grenade you consume

Your shackle grenade to gain a buff creating a suspending detonation on every kill and guys every single time we’ve seen an aspect like this that improves a bunch of grenades it ends up being very good because the grenades are already at a base level of good discipline is one of the most important stats in the game certainly for PVE you want to be throwing your grenades as much as possible so if you have an aspect that makes those even better like that is very very powerful and so guys with all of those things considered I think the most powerful strap and subclass is likely to be the brood weaver Warlock simply because those threading sound very very powerful for the neutral game in both PVE and PVP if you are having these things that go out and attack enemies just on their own and it doesn’t interfere with anything

You do and they seem relatively easy to spawn just by doing things like casting your Rift that does seem very very good on top of the fact that this super needle storm also seems like one of the better supers again like you can’t slay out as much maybe as the roaming supers but those again tend to be good in lower level content and higher level content when you don’t have time to be out there getting smacked by Champions and end your entire roaming super can’t even kill an overload Champion like they become way less viable not to mention the aspects for the Warlock and proving the grenades and

Improving your Rift both of those sound very very good the melee sounds amazing as well if I had three different classes I would recommend starting with the Warlock brood Weaver for the first strand subclass you unlock in light fall now if you’re looking for second place I don’t actually think there is one I think the Berserker and the hunter actually kind of tie I know there was a lot of hate towards the Berserker but its aspects sound actually amazing whereas the Hunter’s aspects they sound really really good if you’re specifically doing all the grapple stuff but if you’re not if you have like a threading grenade right it doesn’t really do anything right and so that’s where I think the hunter is kind of faltering right now remember guys this isn’t the end of the discussion Bungie is actually confirmed that more parts of these stasis subclasses I believe more aspects are going to be added in future Seasons so what ends up being the best subclass within nightfall well expect that to potentially change within season 21 

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