Edwin Diaz, Timmy Trumpet talk

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Edwin Diaz, Timmy Trumpet talk
Edwin Diaz, Timmy Trumpet talk

I picked that song in Seattle when I was in Seattle, they showed me like four or five sons so I like that one the most, and I picked it up in 2018. and when did you start to have a relationship here with Timmy when did
you this year when that song went viral and I was coming to the game and those videos came barrow and he reached to us and we started talking I think coming to new york more a lot in place I I think putting a Puerto Rican song I may be getting into the crowd well after that
season my wife told me hey you should use narco again so I used it in the pandemic no fans were here but I used it and science started last year I keep narcos will there be added juice if you hear it playing live tonight before you come in for the night I hope I came to the game
tonight to see this guy performing live because it will be fun for me and the fan base
I mean it’s insane it’s incredibly humbling and a great honor that world-class athlete you know using my song as inspiration to run on that pitch but as I said before this
The guy’s such a professional he could do this with any song but I’m very thankful to uh the men’s supporters and anyone that’s uh that’s adding this track to their playlist and supporting narco um but most importantly I want to thank
Diaz because uh he’s the one that’s picked it and I’m just really really thankful and I don’t have the words I’m excited about tonight and I can’t wait to see Diaz play this at the world series yeah victory I’ll be there for that one would this be the first time you played
this song live at a sporting event this ‘s the first baseball game I’ve ever been to but I can tell you I can assure you I’m officially a Mets fan for life all right you guys got me and you the
the way you’ve looked after me he’s teaching me how to how to uh throw the ball up because we’re gonna do the first pitch and I’ve got some suitable lessons I’m pretty confident we got this he signed a ball for me and he even got me this stuff right here
so uh I’m just absolutely honored to be here so I can’t thank you guys enough uh especially Edwin Diaz over here ladies and gentlemen make some noise thank you I mean I guess it’ll be somewhere around here and I’ll just probably pull out the trumpet and then just play it it’s actually can hear it echoing around like that it before so yeah I’m like
goosebumps I played every set I play like a lot of festivals and actually as Diaz promised me he’s going to come to one of my festivals so we just did like Tomorrowland in Europe I know we’re off to Singapore, I think on Thursday and we’re just constantly turning around but in America, I’ve never had anything of this uh this magnitude and none of it will be possible without Diaz so I’m just stoked to be here but more importantly
I want ds to you to know to have fun out there and enjoy himself and do what he does best you know tonight’s not about me it’s about this I don’t know much about baseball but I’m
learning and I’m looking forward to learning it I think what I like most so far are the fans
the people in the crowd and watching the videos of them reacting to the track that Diaz picked are just insane they’re wild it reminds me of one of the festivals that we just did it looks like a big party and that was the intention of this song it’s a huge honor no I let bach decide if you don’t bring me tonight I think that this guy will be here tomorrow too I hope I hope I piss tonight you know I want to fish tonight I want to see him
I play the trumpet in life so I hope we can I can get to the game tonight and get the win for the team you know I can feel the buy from the fans base you know I gotta concentrate
and get to the game and do my job but as soon as I start running I can see the fan base like to get into the sun the bio and that’s very special that’s pretty cool

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