Florence Pugh On Zach Braff Writing

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 Zach Braff
Zach Braff

I love that you brought your granny  with you oh  um I love your look to  look to tonight I’m wearing Valentino, of  course, thank you I was the sister in this film good performance  Zach wrote this from the heart yeah the  role was written for you um what does  that mean to you and how proud are you  of the performance you delivered oh it’s  a huge honor to have something written  for you and it’s a huge honor to have it  written by someone that knows so much  about you know how you perform  knows how far they can push it  um it also just means that there’s this  great level of safety on set because 

I  feel trusted I feel held as did many  well all of the actors on set you know  there’s it’s a hard thing to come  to a script like this and know how far  you have to go with a character and so  um you know that wouldn’t have been  possible without the safety and the care  and the love that Zach brought to set  every day it was heavy but you brought  the moments of levity too yes um your  singing talents amazing tell me  about writing songs for the film yeah it  was the first to me I’ve never written a  song for a character, especially for a  character to perform and it was uh 

It was truly a unique  experience I’ve never ever done that  before and it was a really interesting week for me to  also get into a role for me to  understand the headspace and to try and  imagine myself in that position and  that’s just what came out of me and Zach  wanted it in the movie so I feel very  grateful to have the opportunity and  then, of course, I got to record them as  Florence outside of the movie 

How I  wanted them to sound not Alison and  they’re going to be on the soundtrack  that’s incredible yeah um you just keep  growing and growing and surprising us  it’s hard to believe that this is your  first time I want to show you a video  this is um this is going viral on Tick  Tock this is my last time obsessed sorry  I have to show it  this is going viral on Tick Tock why  because I think people are like she has  so much to give and it’s incredible  you’re incredible it was me like nine 

I  think or ten yeah  um what do you remember about that  you’re watching for music oh my god that  actually doesn’t feel like that long ago  but my mum would record I should film my  guitar lessons because I would never  remember to practice and then by the  time that I’d start practicing I would  have forgotten everything and so she  would film me and be like you can’t  pretend that you’ve forgotten because 

I  have it and then accidentally along the  way she started putting them on YouTube  not really knowing quite what YouTube  was and I ended up getting this weird  wonderful fan base  um that kind of like I know where does  that come from well I am flossy my name  is Florence Rose  um and so I became flossy Rose I Hope  You released um an album or something  well this it starts with the two songs  that are on the soundtrack so I’m very  proud and excited about that oh and I  know you admire Zach a lot as a director  as a friend um thinking back to Scrubs  his Beginnings if you wash them in  scrubs and thinking about 

How far he’s  come now it’s funny out of all the work  that he’s done that’s the last one  that I was really attached to so uh he  hates that although he was like how do you what do you mean you didn’t use to watch scrubs I um  I appreciate it and I appreciate he’s uh  he’s a man of many talents um but yeah I  think for me his script writing and his  directing on this one especially and all  the films that he’s directed before  um there’s a reason why we keep on  coming back to it there’s a reason why  he can discuss such uh dark and depressing topics because he’s really  good at bringing the light and the  levity so yeah    

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