Ubisoft plans new Ghost Recon for 2025, says Insider

Ubisoft plans new Ghost Recon for 2025, says Insider
Is anyone else besides the intern missing Ghost Recon? But an excellent Wildlands level and not Breakpoint, which improved sometime after release, but did not come close to what its predecessor was. Well, Ubisoft is developing a new title for... Read more

Zelda: Aonuma has already finished Tears of the Kingdom 20 times

Kingdom 20 times
Producer comments on discoveries and surprises during tests The producer of Zelda finished playing Tears of the Kingdom 20 times during development. That’s what Eiji Aonuma himself revealed in a new publication of the team’s interview with Nintendo.  At the... Read more

DLC for Dredge will be both free and paid all year long.

Black Salt Games has announced a calendar of updates for Dredge, one of the best indies of this first half of 2023, and a game capable of unexpectedly winning over those who decide to explore these waters. Nadia Thorne, producer... Read more

Even with a ‘salty’ price, the new ‘Zelda’ stands out among the best sellers on Amazon

After all, we are talking about “The Legend of Zelda”, which is a milestone in the history of video games. However, many people who follow this universe know that buying games and consoles nowadays is a bit expensive. And with... Read more

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: which current-gen console should you buy?

PS5 vs Xbox Series X
PS5 and Xbox Series X will face each other. PS5 PS5 continues to impress with its revolutionary controller, lightning-fast load times, and a huge library of exclusive games Pros: Minuses: Xbox Series X Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is undeniably a... Read more

Tango Gameworks may be working on a multiplayer game

Tango Gameworks
After a long time working exclusively with games in the horror genre, Tango Gameworks seems to have decided to expand its repertoire. Starting with Hi-Fi Rush, the studio now seems to be betting again on a different style. As noted... Read more

THQ Nordic has announced a big presentation – it will be held on 11 August v

THQ Nordic has announced
As part of the show, they should show Outcast 2, a remake of Gothic, a rethinking of Alone in the Dark, and also present unannounced games. Screenshot from an early demo of the Gothic remake Read more

Star Wars Jedi Survivor 128GB preload on PC

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
As promised by the developers, the preload of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has started on PC. The size of the downloaded files was just over 128 GB. Console players will have to wait until 7 am. The release will take... Read more

GTA 6 announcement date revealed

GTA 6 announcement
Fans, tremble! Soon we will be shown the biggest game from Rockstar Games. Publisher GSMArena, citing three sources in the gaming industry, reported that this spring we will be shown GTA Vl. We are waiting for a large-scale announcement with... Read more

Activision announces Call of Duty board game for release in 2024

Activision announces Call of Duty
It will include miniatures of popular characters in the series, several game modes and scenarios, as well as iconic locations. Read more