Google-Style AI Bard Chat System in Search

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This novelty could further transform the way we are interacting with Artificial Intelligence.


Google was late to the Artificial Intelligence race, at least looking at the rush with which it presented its competitor system to ChatGPT, Bard.

Now, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sundar Pichai said he wants to bring an AI-based chat system to his search engine.

Although it was already more or less expected that this could happen, it was the first time that this was assumed as a commitment, for the future of searches on Google.


Much less unexpected is, that Microsoft has already integrated ChatGPT AI into its Bing. However, the implementation by Google will have a resounding impact on the market. The company currently holds 93.4% of the research market.

The company’s CEO added that he saw AI chat as a way to grow the search business, not a threat.

Despite this revelation, no schedule has been presented for this to be implemented, the great certainty is that it cannot take too long, under the penalty of completely losing the market to Microsoft and OpenAI, including in research. Remember that Bing, since it implemented Bing Chat, has had impressive user growth, with 100 million daily users.

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