Google Search The Difficult Art of Asking Artificial Intelligence Questions

Google Search The Difficult Art of Asking Artificial Intelligence Questions
During the Google I/O conference, the company presented several artificial intelligence tools that promise to make work more efficient and the search for information easier. However, an important question has been raised: how to ask artificial intelligence the right questions?... Read more

Passwords? Never! Google revolutionizes and announces new login method

Passwords? Never! Google
The update is intended to provide more security options against digital attacks and fraud. The digital world has expanded the need for passwords and security. To offer more security options against digital attacks and fraud, Google’s new feature promises to... Read more

AI pioneer leaves Google and warns of risk to humanity

Scientist Geoffrey E. Hinton sees risks in the use of artificial intelligence systems by malicious people and defends a pause in the development of technology. British scientist Geoffrey E. Hinton, one of the pioneers in the development of artificial intelligence... Read more

Google Authenticator and other services will have end-to-end encryption

Google Authenticator
Google product manager posted that the company is working on rolling out the security feature for the Authenticator, but does not indicate any date Google is enabling end-to-end encryption for some of its services. The information was disclosed by Christiaan... Read more

Google Pixel 7a dazzles in these images in various shades of color

Google Pixel 7a dazzles
The approach of the Google I/O 2023 conference, starting on May 10, brings us new leaks of information about one of the biggest launches aimed at this event. At stake is the Google Pixel 7a mobile phone, the “Lite” version,... Read more

Google Authenticator Now Allows Sync With Google Account

Google Authenticator
Google Authenticator, a two-factor authentication app, now allows synchronization with a Google account. This update is important because the app now stores the one-time codes by storing in the user’s account. Previously, users could lose access to services on which... Read more

Google Authenticator finally syncs with the cloud

Google Authenticator
Now you don’t have to worry about running out of verification codes when you lose your phone; news is now available in an update Google has announced that the Authenticator app will finally sync with the cloud. Thus, you will... Read more