Gwyneth Paltrow Testifies Ski Crash Was Terry Sanderson’s Fault

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Gwyneth Paltrow hi hi do you swear that the testimony you are about to give in the case now before the court will be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth shall help you God thank you good afternoon I’m back there seems like evening doesn’t it I’ve been inside all day I have no idea you and me both could you state your name and spell it for the record please yes my legal name is Gwyneth Kate Paltrow value that’s great thank you may I call you to miss Paltrow sure okay fantastic as you’ve seen the last few days we always have the witnesses give background information tell about yourself Etc 

I have a feeling that everybody in the courtroom knows who you are so we’re not going to go through all the background we’re just going to kind of cut to the chase is that fair sounds fine all right wonderful let’s just talk about skiing my understanding is that you are pretty much an intermediate type skier I would characterize myself as intermediate okay you’ve been skiing since you were a child I have okay um do you do black diamonds Blues greens I’m not really a skier 

so you’ve got to kind of help me out with this I prefer to do more Blues than blacks okay and blue is intermediate right under black yes okay and the bandana run where this accident occurred it was a green run yes all right recollection fantastic so as an intermediate skier would you say that you’ve skied enough to at least be familiar with the rules of skiing I think so yes all right and what are those rules I think you know to use Common Sense ski safely be aware of other skiers around you okay what about skiing in control is that something that you need to do yes absolutely um you has to give the right of way to those 

who are downhill yes okay um you also have certain responsibilities if you’re in a collision is that fair yes I learned more about post Collision I bet you’ve probably been hit over the head with all of that information since the time right indeed okay um so let’s talk about those things did you know the rules at the time of the Collision that if you’re in a collision with someone you need to give your name and information contact information so because I was hit by Mr. Sanderson and he was at fault 

I assumed that Eric who was our ski instructor who was there at the time and was overseeing the event he said I’m going to leave all of your information and he said you should go ski down because my kids were waiting for me and asking if you are in a collision that you need to share that information overruled go ahead can you repeat the question absolutely at the time of the Collision were you aware of the rule that if you’re in a collision you need to share your name your contact information with the person that you’re involved in a collision with I don’t think 

I was aware of the rule okay were you aware that there is kind of a rule of common decency to do that I would not have left the scene without leaving my information and my information was left did you provide that information no Eric Christensen who was the ski instructor with us said he would leave all the information you don’t know if he did or did not though do you you weren’t there when he did well subsequently I know that he did I’m not asking that I’m asking 

when you were there at the Collision you didn’t ensure that it was given you weren’t there when it was given I was not there when it was given the question all right and it’s also I think you even admitted in your deposition that it’s the rule of common decency to make sure that everybody’s okay exchange information and to follow those skiing rules is that fair yeah okay all right so let’s talk about that day after I get a drink okay I’ll have one as well I do thank you so I just want to kind of set the stage you’re skiing that day my understanding it was a nice condition beautiful day yes sorry um in Deer Valley we know that Deer Valley is always immaculately groomed good conditions on slopes great conditions all right you were skiing that day with your daughter 

Apple correct yes Moses my son and um Brad who was your boyfriend at the time now current husband correct all right and his two children that’s right and his kids were the same approximate age as yours on the day of the ski Collision they all remain the same age very good part like The Brady Bunch the girls are the same age boys are the same age all right and back then it was 12 and nine 11 and 9 11 and 9. all right fantastic and the day of the Collision I think you um had been to Deer Valley twice prior to 

I believe so okay and this was the first day of your ski trip I think that’s correct okay um and I don’t know how many days you were there but I know at least from what you’ve told us that after that first day, you also skied the next day yes okay so when Mr. Sanderson was at home you were skiing I don’t know okay fair enough so the children all four of them had lessons during that trip that’s right okay would you agree that those lessons were fairly expensive they were okay do 

Do you remember how much they were um I would have to check whatever the Deer Valley rate is is what we paid okay let me know if this is about right at least from what I saw in your deposition the total bill was around 8 980 does that sound about right for four I think that misstates the evidence I think that was for both families for four kids I I would honestly have to check okay all right do you that’s fine but it’s very expensive very right and then tips on top of that yes okay and I’m assuming and you’re under oath here that you’re a good Tipper yes okay fantastic I wouldn’t expect anything less um all right so let’s talk about your daughter 

Apple was 11. she was okay and her instructor was Carrie Oaks that’s correct all right and um Apple at the time was a good beginner yes okay and your son Moses he was nine at the time yes and he was more so of a real beginner yes all right and his instructor was Eric Christensen correct okay and I think both Carrie Oaks and Eric are coming next week I believe so all right fantastic so three days ago um can you believe it’s been only three days no me neither so three days ago uh Mr. Owens um in his opening talked about risky Behavior risky skiing and he made mention that you know of course, Miss Paltrow was not skiing um recklessly not taking any kind of risky behavior because her children were there that day do you recall him saying that I think it does mistake my testimony but well it wasn’t testimony that you stated can you answer the question if 

I remember what he said no just maybe do you agree with that that on that day of the Collision you were not engaging in any kind of risky behavior especially because your kids were there I was not engaging in any risky Behavior okay but also I think your Council made mention of this in opening that especially because your children were there 

I don’t recall him saying all right well did your children be there um make it so that you especially would not engage in Risky Behavior I didn’t engage in Risky Behavior I wouldn’t with my children there or without my children there okay and kind of in life I mean I’m a mom right I’ve got a couple of kids um actually about your age one of them not your age your daughter’s age sorry I’m not that old um when my kids are around I kind of behave myself a little bit better especially when they were younger than on average would you agree with that I I’ve always been very open and honest with my kids and um some I I think you know they know me very well right and would you agree that you have engaged in Risky Behavior with your children present your honor may we approach sure  

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