Ikea Sammanlänkad: Limited collection of LED solar lights for table and mobile use

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Ikea Sammanlänkad: Limited collection of LED solar lights for table and mobile use.

With Little Sun, Ikea presents two versatile LED lights from the limited Sammanlänkad collection that use solar energy for regenerative energy supply. The Sammanlänkad LED solar lights will be available as a tabletop model and as a small and portable LED solar light from April.

Ikea brought the social enterprise Little Sun on board for the limited collection of Sammanlänkad LED solar lights. The new Sammanlänkad solar lights will be available in IKEA stores from April 2023. The Sammanlänkad LED solar table lamp costs just under 90 euros, while the Sammanlänkad portable LED lamp model is available for 10 euros.

Ikea Linked LED-Solartischleuchte

The solar table lamp Sammanlänkad, which is also IP 44 rated and has a modern design, can be used with or without the stand, or as a pendant lamp if the supplied eyelet and wire set is used. In addition, the LED light can be removed from the sphere and used separately as a light source. As materials for the Sammanlänkad, Ikea uses durable materials such as stainless steel and high-quality plastic.

When the batteries of the Sammanlänkad lamp are fully charged, the integrated USB-A port of the LED solar table lamp can be used to charge a smartphone. The LED solar light works with 3 rechargeable NiMH rechargeable batteries of type HR6/AA with 1.2 volts and 2,450 mAh, which Ikea includes in the LED light package. The Ikea lamp has a warm white (2700 Kelvin) light color and a USB-A port for external devices with a charging current of up to 0.3 amps as well as a USB-C connection for power supply via

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