iLovBee i61 60 Percent Wired Keyboard Mechanical

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iLovBee i61 60 Percent Wired Keyboard Mechanical
iLovBee i61 60 Percent Wired Keyboard Mechanical

The iLovBee i61 is a mechanical keyboard with a 60% layout, which means it is smaller and more compact than a traditional full-size keyboard. It is designed with wired connectivity, which means it connects to your computer via a physical cable. Mechanical keyboards are known for their durable construction and precise, responsive key switches, making them a popular choice among gamers and typing enthusiasts. It is not clear what specific key switches are used in the iLovBee i61, but common options for mechanical keyboards include Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh.

Mechanical keyboards are prized for their durability and tactile feedback, as the key switches are designed to be more precise and responsive than those found in traditional rubber dome keyboards. In addition to their benefits for gaming and typing, mechanical keyboards can also be more customizable than other types of keyboards. Many mechanical keyboards allow users to swap out the key switches for different types or even customize the backlighting on the keys.

There are a few different types of key switches that are commonly used in mechanical keyboards, and each has its own characteristics in terms of actuation force (how much force is required to press the key) and travel distance (how far the key travels when pressed). Some popular options include:

  • Cherry MX: Developed by Cherry Corporation, these key switches are widely used in many different brands of mechanical keyboards. They are available in a range of colors that correspond to different actuation forces and characteristics.
  • Gateron: Gateron key switches are similar to Cherry MX switches and are available in a range of colors and actuation forces. They are known for being smooth and consistent.
  • Kailh: Kailh key switches are another popular option that is known for their durability and smooth action. They are available in a range of actuation forces and colors.

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