IPhone 14 Pro Max VS. Every Other Camera?

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IPhone 14 Pro Max VS. Every Other Camera?
IPhone 14 Pro Max VS. Every Other Camera?

when we buy an iPhone in 2022 are we mostly buying a camera that’s able to make calls and texts hi that racked Focus real well let’s try it again hang on I mean that’s where it’s a phone that’s pretty good what’s up everybody Peter McKinney here welcome back to yet iPhone 14 pro-Max

we’re just making the longest product names possible this is the new uh must have is it actually a must-have we’re gonna talk about those things today first disclaimer of this video I’m not paid by Apple not sponsored by Apple but they provided me the phone for this video and I’m filming the entire video everything you see from b-roll to the main angle on the iPhone 14 pro-Max see

I’ve been wondering how good are the phones are they good enough to replace a cinema camera that’s set up in the studio for talking head angles now I will add I do have a professional light

I am making it through external means so there are still things that are going to be needed however this whole thing is shot in cinematic mode on a phone I’m gonna try and move and be animated a little more than I normally would be to see if we can throw off the focus or

where it might lose focus basically from just hitting record, leaving it alone and seeing how good it does so it’s that time it’s that season it is iPhone season, it’s Tech Timber I thought it was October but then suddenly all the brands were just like nope we’re doing it a month early cheers get ready cameras phones cameras cameras

phones I was just at F1 and

I tried to get apple to send me the phones early because who wouldn’t want to see Formula One shot on an iPhone 14 pro-Max it works, it doesn’t work out so I did get some Banger shots on my iPhone Mini that’s what I’ve been using this whole time

I’m still on it here’s like five snaps just from Monza literally on the fly my only complaint to the iPhone Mini is the battery is atrocious I have to charge it 100 times a day especially when you’re at things like Formula One and you’re just like So

I’m gonna set up a little photo shoot here I’m gonna snap some 48-megapixel photos we’re gonna edit them in Lightroom I’m gonna see how good it Compares I’m gonna shoot the same photos with my camera so we can look at them side by side to make the decision how close is this getting how good is this camera Let’s test it out foreign

I need a spray bottle so I think the plan is to grab one downstairs however I want to go the long way I’m gonna go outside and round the whole building because I want to test out action mode that might be what I’m most excited about is like the fact it has actual

image stabilization when filming videos that looked so good for a phone no gimbal just straight up holding a phone one more time no stabilization action mode off thank you

non-action mode actually looked pretty decent too like Kirk was straight up running and the camera jumping downstairs and it did great so I’m not seeing a massive not from like the Apple demo where it was straight up like this for non-action mode

it did well in both modes even when I shake the phone right now I’m in cinematic mode but even when I shake the phone up and down you can see even that is mostly stabilized foreign thank you for all the other little add-ons and improvements and bumps and Tech that apple has made with this phone cool but if I’m being honest

I don’t really care it’s just about the camera for me so you’ve got 4K cinematic mode you’ve got autofocus that is racking like an actual Cinema Camera you got one terabyte of space which should be enough, I’m also going to put in this video probably on the screen by now how big all these files were for the talking head so you can get an idea of

how much that’s going to eat up on your phone if you’re trying to use it for more professional reasons if you want to learn about the dynamic Island the hot new show coming this fall you know the  original cast is back Dynamic island is sure to stir up controversy if you want to learn more about those things literally like watch Marquez’s video and you’ll learn everything you need to learn the excellent job as always I want to test and flex the cameras cinematic mode is also in 4k can

it also delivers with the new 48-megapixel sensor when doing photography rewind just 10 years and this would not be happening so to see how fast and how incredible Tech is moving to the point where this is possible very, very exciting Casey put out a tweet last week, referring to this very topic with regards to Ai and being able to generate video and photos and art the fact that these smartphones are in everyone’s Pockets we are all kind of on a Level Playing Field as far as the tech we have

it’s moving more and more that way so it’s coming down to story which is the great equalizer which is kind of exciting this technology is everywhere giving everyone the means to create really really cool that’s rad all right guys so that’s it that is your first

look at the iPhone 14 pro-Max video and photo capabilities

I hope that was insightful I hope you got something out of this I hope it helps you make a decision if you’re looking at buying this phone or maybe you’re looking at trying to use a phone for professional

applications and if it’s even doable, it’s a cinematic mode good, it’s the 4K good is the color best

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