Liz Truss Chosen as United Kingdom New Prime Minister

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Liz Truss speaks after being announced as Britain’s next Prime Minister at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London, Britain September 5, 2022. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

The UK’s conservative party has chosen Liz trust to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister Queen Elizabeth II will formally appoint her tomorrow in Scotland trust will be the third woman to serve as prime minister from London so

Politics who is Liz trust Liz truss is a 47-year-old woman, mother of two, she has been in the government for 10 years she’s been a cabinet minister for eight sorry been in the government for 12 years been a cabinet minister for eight, she is or was the former foreign secretary she is conservative with the capital c conservative with the small C models or policies very much on Margaret
Thatcher, although she has denied that, but in terms of sort of free trade low taxation, small government a tough stance with the EU post-Brexit, she has been the point man for that appointment person and I should say for that so anybody in Brussels who had a tough time with foreign secretary Liz truss is going to have a difficult time with

Prime minister Liz truss her policies I mean she refused to bad mouth Boris Johnson the outgoing prime minister Boris Johnson uh and one of the few senior cabinet ministers not to resign and that may help her out because there are deep divisions within the conservative party that will be the priority, first of all, to get those divisions healed and there are some

Within the conservative party who have just outwardly spoken that they weren’t entirely happy that Boris Johnson was made to walk the plank the way he did anyway so that loyalty may help her in trying to put the conservative party back together no doubt Charlie’s trust is walking into a very difficult economic the climate in the UK so what has she proposed to kind of get things back on track well difficult, to say the least, they’re looking at we are looking at double-digit inflation we’re looking at utility bills that are going to increase by 80 percent eight zero percent uh over the winter and the spring uh there’s a price cap on that she said she’s going to have an emergency budget right away she’s going to hit the ground running because everybody here is screaming

About the cost of living and which is just skyrocketed so the economy plummets cost of everything has gone up for any number of reasons the war in Ukraine’s fuel costs and gas prices both natural gas and gases you and me, uh, know it and that, of course, has had a knock-on effect for anything that you want to buy at the store, so all of the food prices have gone up Goods have gone up and at the same time, this is the double whammy the value of the pound has gone down so the pound buys less outside the

The UK, so there’s a whole Whirlwind of trouble that is coming up in the next few weeks and months an emergency budget she’s going to set out right away job number one is to get first of all to build the government you know
she’s got to assign these government ministers at a deeply divided conservative party we’re now running the country and then job two is trying to do something about this economy and trying to get some confidence among voters and of course, Boris Johnson’s ouster left the government in tatters if you will how is she going to lead her party and tell us what might change under her government

Well, in terms of what may change people know who Liz trust is and remember it was the conservative party that voted her in over at Rishi sunk uh, who was the other front-runner who lost well lost throughout the past few weeks, but it was announced today that Liz truss would be the leader of the conservative party so she’s got to appoint these government ministers and

Get to the job of running the country and job one is the economy trying to do something about it and to alleviate genuinely the suffering of some of the lower-income people in the public who will be struggling so it will be getting this cabinet together, finding some unity and then making that government work all of those are extremely difficult tasks and she’s got to do it right away there is no time to lose you, Charlie, just a real quick recap on

What happened exactly to Boris Johnson for our viewers yeah well I mean how far can we go back to Boris Johnson in early July, uh there are just several high-level resignations and it had to do with some controversies party gate if you remember some parties were being held at number 10 Downing Street uh under um strict pandemic restrictions that broke the rules and then the straw that broke the camel’s back was a scandal that had to do with one of his ministers

He said that he hadn’t known his previous history, he then had to come out and say he did so he looked as if he was misleading the public and at that point, so many senior ministers within his cabinet resign the 50 or 60 members of his government resigned eventually

He had no choice but to walk the plank himself does this mean Boris Johnson is going away no he will probably go a speech circuit in the United States and elsewhere is he said to put some, uh hail in the bail some hay in The Loft to make some money, uh, but he’s not going away, he still has his ministership and he will be the um he still has membership and will be an influential a voice within the conservative party Charlie Canada thank you so much for

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