Man United vs Crystal Palace

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Match Highlights: Manchester United 3-1 Crystal Palace

Man United vs Crystal Palace
Man United vs Crystal Palace

A clash against Leeds United in Perth but tonight it’s all about the two-sided suit in around a month will mark 100 years since their first league meeting both clubs with  a proud 

The history we’ll try to get away from Mitchell and Fred in support and that may be Anthony martial  is on the side he it’s a great save by jack butler 101 as the flag stayed down from 

Anthony martial and crystal palace defense maybe just caught out a little Jaden Sancho switching 

 to the left briefly here and now Malaysia also finding himself forward cuts back on to the right

Switches over onto that right-hand side of the field and a chance here for martial well, it’s a beautiful ball and Anthony martial is Johnny on the spot from close range at the back post yoga Dallow was the man a wonderful delivery we’re talking about the fullbacks as we advance and Dallas pinpoint ball for Anthony martial to tuck it home at the near post and after 17 minutes united lead one nil has plenty of attention cuts back onto his left footer bowie looks the strike

It’s a good effort David had to be wise to it dives down to his left winning corner now, Ashford

Will have time to get a ball in it’s close to Matthews, who comes out and can’t get a hand on it martial was flying through he missed it as well you get the feeling that maybe Remy Matthews

He was just a little caught out there and now he can release rashford on the left

Martial in the middle and now Sancho has vanderbik overlapping here’s martial picks the pocket of Matthews Vanderbilt picks up the pieces cut it back in and rashford is there to finish from close range and Marcus rashford continues his wonderful record in Australia he’s scored in every match he’s played in this country he’s also scored against the national team the Manchester united league two-nil palace clear bringing the mcg crowd to life as well now aye

Great ball in the middle for Marietta tries to bring it down the strike straight into here and it’s an easy save in the end for the united custodian but a quick break for palace opening up here united to break martial puts Ashford through defense coming across one-on-one with Matthews

and it’s Jaden Sancho for manchester united he makes it three it’s opening up at the mcg palace had a chance at one end and then Jaden Sancho at the other palace defense tried desperately but in the end all in vain and united three to the good oh though he swings the left footer in it’s a great header well cleared by David have somehow managed to get a hand on it

but excellent signs here for crystal palace strong hand corner again forward and this time

David de Gea can’t handle it and Joel ward has the goal he played 32 premier league matches last

the year couldn’t get on the scoresheet and tonight the man who’s been a palace for a decade

has them with a goal a trail three one of Joel wards let’s catch David to get the hair out

the ball bouncing around in the middle of the park is now an opportunity for akinwale

he’s dragged down on the edge of the area when it looked as though he was through and it’s

A red card Alex King has pulled out the red ticket in a friendly but it did look to be a goal-scoring opportunity for the akinwali Alex king would have expected to be doing tonight and the free kick from Scott banks goes sailing harmlessly over the crossbar quick up over halfway and Alex king

says that’s all she wrote you

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