MEIs: Simples Nacional postpones the beginning of the mandatory electronic invoice

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Individual micro-entrepreneurs will have until September 1, 2023, to issue the digital document after providing a service.


Electronic Service Invoice Portal — Photo: Reproduction

Initially scheduled to start this Monday (3), the mandatory issue of the electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) by individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) was postponed by the Simples Nacional Management Committee (CGSN). Now, MEIs will be required to issue the note from September 1st.

The Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) is a digital document generated and stored electronically in the National Data Environment by the Federal Revenue Service or by the municipal government to document service provision operations.

The provision of services occurs when an individual or legal entity performs work in exchange for payment (painter, electrician, hairdresser, manicurist, hotels, inns, cleaning services, gym, rental, and security services, among others).

Currently, NFS-e is issued on city hall portals, that is, each municipality has a way of issuing NFS, resulting in thousands of different legislations and NFS in the country.

To solve this problem, the Federal Revenue, in partnership with theSebrae, launched the National NFS-e to standardize the tax document model and offer a basket of technological products to municipalities, companies, citizens, and the issuer of the NFS-e.

When the mandatory NFS-e in the national standard begins, individual microentrepreneurs must issue their notes through the portal gov. /nose or by application.

But the new tool has been available since January 1st. To access it, you must register with the National NFS-e issuance portal to generate a code and password. see the step-by-step prepared by Sebrae.

Once registered, there are two options for issuing the service note: through the application or through the Web issuer on the gov. portal itself. For more information by calling 0800 570 0800.

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