Microsoft has forgotten how to create. Windows 12 will become a copy of macOS

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The upcoming Windows 12 OS will have an analog of the dock panel in macOS – an almost completely redesigned taskbar. The clock and date will disappear from it, and its icons will increase in size, which in general will make the new Microsoft system very similar to the Apple platform. The release of Windows 12 is expected in 2024.

Copy and paste

Microsoft will copy Apple’s macOS interface and integrate it into Windows 12, its new system, currently under development. This was reported by the Neowin portal. There is no official confirmation of this, but screenshots of the new, leaked to the network and clearly demonstrate the obvious similarities between the two competing software platforms.

No, Microsoft until it began to prevent users from working in Windows and moved the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons from the top right corner, where they have been for decades, to the left, as in macOS. All the changes so far have been concentrated in the lower part of the interface, namely in the taskbar, and taskbar.


Similarities to macOS are obvious

In Windows 12, it looks suspiciously like a while-panel in macOS as well as in the newiPadOS, which Apple itself drew from macOS. This is indicated by a significantly increased size of all icons, a greater distance between them, as well as the absence, it would seem, of the fundamental components of the Windows interface – the clock and date in the lower right corner.

We’ll fix everything

As writesNeowin, the partial transformation of Windows 12 into macOS can be canceled, at least at the current stage of development. Beta testers found hints of a new interface design in Windows 12 in Windows 11 Dev Build 25300 – it added the ability to turn off the display in the system tray of both time and date. If necessary, their display can be turned on at any time.

Also on the macOS-shaped interface Windows 12 indicated Brad Sams (Brad Sams), deputy director of the company Stardock Corporation – a well-known developer of programs for fine-tuning the graphical shellWindows. According to him, all these changes come down to the fact that in the future Microsoft will make the taskbar “floating”. Probably, this means the possibility of its placement at any point on the plane of the screen.

The taskbar in Windows for several decades has been able to automatically disappear from the screen when the user does not need it, in order to leave more space for display under the windows of folders and programs. This option is also present in Windows 11, then the ability to position the taskbar on the sides or on top of Microsoft users with the release of Windows 11 first deprived. It was returned by the developers of the StartAllBack program and others like it, returning both the taskbar and the Start menu to their familiar appearance.

Don’t learn from mistakes

Windows 12 will receive not only a new number in the name and borrowed from macOS taskbar design. By inheritance from Windows 11, she, apparently, will receive an indefatigable 

Windows 11 is notorious for not being that different from Windows 10, but it needs much more advanced hardware – it needs at least 32 GB of free disk space, 4 GB of RAM, and a processor of at least Intel Core eighth generation.


Taskbar and Start in Windows 11 were not to everyone’s liking. With the release of Windows 12, the situation may repeat itself.

According to the Germany portal Deskmodder, the expected Windows 12 will require even more random access memory – not less than 8 GB. Which she will need, and how much space on SSD will have to be allocated for the system, while it is not known – there is a chance that in this regard new OS will not differ from its predecessor.

Another Windows

At the time of the release of the material, detailed details about Windows 12 did not exist in the public domain, and Microsoft did not comment on information about its existence. Perhaps this is due to the fact that even a year and a half have not passed since Windows 11, and information about the preparation of an even newer system may harm sales of the previous version.

How informed CNews, the premiere of Windows 12 is tentatively scheduled for 2024, without a more precise date yet. Whether Microsoft will push users to switch to it is unknown, but most likely it will – the corporation does this every time it releases a new OS.

Moreover, most of its methods lie in the area of ​​\u200b\u200b”gray” morality – Microsoft even stooped to the point that established on the user’s PC a new OS in the background without asking for permission. Computer owners were not happy with such arbitrariness.

At the same time, Microsoft does not prohibit the use of previously released versions of Windows – it only gradually curtails the release of updates for them. For example, technical support for Windows 10 will be discontinued in October 2025, and Microsoft has not yet announced the date of the “death” of Windows 11.

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