Misinformation, disconnection from reality

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Teaching in the Age of Disinformation


Hi there, guys, the expression is strong, but it has to be said, shame is missing, that’s right The Gremial point-to-point Will show a disconnection with reality will show disinformation

inconsistency and inconsistency and I’m not talking fight, no you’ll understand César city Dias talking about the church here on YouTube talk from Germiston to Germiston but first to a

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bombs chimera that has the direct help from Grimond very connected to the Gremial so entering the description because now you can also buy by e-commerce here from

Alma Gauche enter now and help Gremial

because here it is the tricolor on

we know that 3 days ago we launched Terra de gremial, which is the channel the community here from our channel on YouTube also from Instagram that goes

raffle t-shirts that will also raffle tickets to the game that will help the community on the side you will have two other actions interesting that we will all do

the months of jiu-jitsu classes there Donato year-long we will support we will also support the delivery of food to vulnerable people inside the main is embracing somehow

the shape within the simplicity that we have here in the Humita neighborhood, home of the Guild who knows that yesterday when it ended the game and I had the An opportunity to listen

the press conference marketing and I make a point of everyone be part of the land of gremial here I’m asking for a lot of support from all of you but when we hear the press conferences

Yesterday gives a feeling that people are not worried about what their sangria drew 1-1 yesterday, isn’t it? shame playing bad is not shamed not beat Gremial in its history

had thousands of times passed by difficulties that are not what goes determine our annoyance within relation to the Gremial episodes but when you see and you read disconnection with


inconsistency in information joke and you pass there and incoherence, between leaders I’m going to talk a lot today we’re going to do many videos here talking about each one

of these points, but I insisted on opening the day talking because for me to stop I’m lacking shame, let’s go to the guild was played in the arena and won at the end of

game the subject was the dissatisfaction of the fan concerning some players there everyone put themselves creating a kind of victimization to a fan criticism of the reality of the Club

The statue has a great idea has to understand that it was 30 thousand guys who paid to see you, but passed yesterday at a certain moment of the press conference Denis

Abraham, He just contradicted everything that the president said in an interview previous and the president spoke number X of hiring we’ll take care of it then a specific video and Denis spoke to another or Treating people as nothing without the responsibility for information or joking, I’ll say it now and if he said different there

They even got the number wrong. reinforcements that the but not talking President and Vice President of football who said things

Completely different is necessary to say the following is not to roll press that is at stake here is the respect of Gremio fans Gremial has a fan baseGremial has

aficionados Gremial has people who accompany them as-is from the game lying football is not like that then we go to Roger and Roger gives an interview

Who seems to treat people in a way smaller as if they weren’t smart saying things that didn’t happen and I’m not here saying that Roger has?

That’s going to the press conference has to speak badly of the players not, but you have to at least understand the moment that Gremial is living the fourth-placed Gremial in

B series spending 6 7 8 10 times more than that, these opponents and Gremial cannot be the protagonist then Roger says he liked the second time he will return to the scheme of

Mancini what happened for the most part from that second time Oh, and everything that has been said so far has passed then Denis goes back to talking about another

anti-doping situation Why not there, as I’m not suggesting anything but we people until O

vice president of football spoke about the Varela that we are using the boy who he wasn’t even from the transition he was from the base people Varela has been in transition for 3 years

and whoever is a Gremial fan knows and this relationship between things makes me afraid because I am convinced that Gremial will rise exactly by the force of the


But football doesn’t accept insults and Gremial is disaffirming football, ok? lacking shame you know when you go out in the street and are ashamed of something or

say or do when you lose, some things falling apart are things end Hi and this relationship that we are living today is a relationship that passes

this reading doesn’t have when you say that the left-back was from a place he didn’t was inside your house you expect people to welcome you

listening to how will people listen to you that people will welcome you this is the point how will people look at you and say the following all Varela played the

end of the transaction in the past, he was holder together with betel with Pedro Lucas, and with Elijah and when the president says he won’t

hire So-and-so you say you will dispose of people President spoke today that the So-and-so is out of the plans now isn’t it what’s going on

because people today people have access to all personal information listening to all the interviews is not a box of mysteries not everyone has access because

people have very exposed everyone talking all the time and I don’t talk about who communicates I speak of the protagonists are the information owners are the leaders and train hard

and this reading, for example, is a necessary position lacking shame is missing the minimum of internal understanding of connecting President Alves with football and to the trainer to communicate the

same thing so that the fan doesn’t panic why is this happening in practice and the fan starts to panic

Thursday doesn’t see no connection between the parties that are taking care of the Guild must be of unity EA unity people start to talk to inform and repeat the

same phrases and not create confusion internals that reflect in confusions external and within this confusion the Guild is harmed I will talk a lot during the day today about the facts because

yesterday was full of information now communicate to converse It’s just lack of shame and Gremial can’t go through this César city Dias talking about Gremial here
















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