Nintendo Address The Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks And Rumors

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The Nintendo leaks rumors discussion videos in 2023 have started to ramp up for well really a myriad of reasons at its core level I think a lot of people just want new Nintendo Hardware the Nintendo Switch has been a great system but it’s sort of past tense with this thing when you look at the system itself it’s struggling to run certain games are getting delayed or canceled for the system and of course technology continually moves along with things like the steam deck and all these cloud-based devices that are coming out Nintendo is definitely 

A bit lacking in terms of what games can be played on their system besides their first-party games you can look at speaking of games the games that Nintendo released in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch of course tears of the kingdom is kind of the Crown Jewel and well statistically speaking whenever Nintendo releases a brand new Zelda game there’s usually something coming up on the horizon something meaning a new Nintendo piece of Hardware the only time the longest time that we’ve gotten between sort of a gap was Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Wii which was a year to the date before the Wii U released, of course, Nintendo has been riding the success of the Nintendo Switch into its seventh year now 

It is the longest-running Nintendo Home console in terms of length without having its successor announced or something new on the horizon ever it’s a thing where it’s just like understand some of it you know the system is still selling very well and Nintendo is enjoying this success after things like the Wii U but at some point in time you have to talk about a successor you have to move on or else we all would be playing still NES games because the NES was still selling well you know 

What I’m saying is there comes a point in time where it’s like okay enough is enough it’s time for a change shout out to Owen Hart rest in the peace of course if you go on the internet now you hear all this stuff about the switch twos and production and you know it’s already done and Nintendo’s sitting on it which makes absolutely zero sense 

But you also have the fact that Reggie fees in May once lied to IGN in saying there wasn’t a new Nintendo 3DS and then literally the next day they announced the new Nintendo 3DS we haven’t heard much from our American president of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser on really anything he doesn’t talk about anything Furukawa kind of the same thing at least with brewer kara whenever you have like the shareholder’s meetings and stuff like that you can get a little bit of information with it’s with Doug Bowser though it’s like what does this dude do like take naps and sit in an office and like twiddle a pencil like 

I don’t understand what he does and it’s really because Nintendo of America is more of a marketing company well Doug Bowser recently had an interview with the Associated Press and they were pressing him about the Nintendo switch and of course a successor that is looming on the horizon so I want to read this quote from Douglas and then sort of break it down I hope he goes by Douglas and if not Douglas that’s okay Douglas as 

We enter the seventh year for the Nintendo Switch sales are still strong I think we still have a very very strong lineup coming as Mr. Furukawa Nintendo president Furukawa said recently we’re entering Uncharted Territory with the platform it’s exciting to see that demand is still there so nothing to announce on any future console or device but we are still feeling very bullish about the Nintendo switch I should be careful about 

What I would like to see in a new Nintendo switch but what I can share is that one of the reasons that we are going into year seven we feel very confident that the switch can have a strong performance over the next few years is that it is truly a unique device that can play in a variety of ways at home or on the go one of the things we always look at is how we can surprise and Delight how we can introduce new unique ways of playing that’s always in the front of our mind so obviously Nintendo is somewhat happy with the continued success of the Nintendo switch but we have to be realistic about this sales are down year over year like yes 

It’s still selling very well but sales are down year over year so it’s starting to slow down you have a system that has sold over 110 million units and you have to realize that at some point in time, you’re going to hit the law of diminishing returns you’re going to hit sort of a brick wall where it’s like everyone who wants one has one and everyone who doesn’t want one isn’t going to buy one because you’re not doing things like price drops on the system uh the strong lineup of software for 20 uh 23 that’s a very interesting thing because like I just said we have tears of the Kingdom you know that’s kind of the big Crown Jewel of the Nintendo switch you have Pikmin 4 which 

I guess people are excited about but we don’t know anything beyond that like yeah you could say oh well there’s Metroid Prime four I don’t think that’s coming out in 2023 or 2024 Maybe 2024 for a new system but I find it interesting that we’re saying the software lineup is very strong when you haven’t talked about anything beyond tears of the Kingdom because 

I think a lot of Nintendo fans you know there’s a lot of Nintendo fans that aren’t dumb you know they can sort of read between them there are a lot of dumb Nintendo fans holy Christ on a cracker there are a lot of dumb Nintendo fans who don’t understand anything but there are a good segment of people who do understand things and it’s like well you could say one thing but it doesn’t necessarily mean what we expect it to mean because like I said you have to go back to Reggie Visa May talking about you know there is no new Nintendo 3DS and then the next day there was uh going back to the sales thing you know 

I think it’s interesting that you know that they seem to believe that the system is still selling very well and it is but comparatively speaking you know your competitors are starting to catch up a little bit now they’re starting to get their footing they’re starting to hit their stride so you kind of do have to realize okay you know we are reaching a Max a maximum capacity here you know we’re at our infinite level of how many people we can get the second half of the quote though that’s the thing that should scare everyone you know that’s the thing whenever people say oh well you know the switch the next switch is gonna have backward compatibility will it because when I think of how we could surprise and Delight 

How we can introduce new unique ways of playing that are always in the front of our mind that don’t necessarily sound like a Nintendo switch let’s be realistic here the Nintendo switch concept isn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore you have things like the steam deck which play games on the go they play games on television you know you could dock the system and stuff like that and arguably speaking you know the quality as far as the technical aspects of the games on Steam deck are superior to what you see on the Nintendo switch if there’s a third party game that’s coming out on Steam and it’s coming out on a Nintendo switch more than likely playing the steam deck version is going to be a better experience in terms of frame rates and terms of resolution yes you do have you know problems with the battery of the system when it comes to the steam deck but still it is the same sort of concept and 

You have all these different you know cloud-based stuff coming along as I said so what do I think about this answer you know what’s the sort of truth behind this answer Doug Bowser is a marketing person that’s all Nintendo of America is a marketing firm a translation firm for Japanese games this isn’t like Sega of Japan and Sega of America in the 90s where you had this Fierce competition within the two companies who said we’re doing things differently the reason you got Sonic CD was that Sonic CD is 

What Yuji Naka wanted Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to be and Sega of America was like no that’s a little bit too weird we’re doing a traditional Sonic the Hedgehog too and they developed two different games because they were two different companies I don’t think that’s the ideal solution here but I do feel like Nintendo of America it’s kind of pointless you know beyond just the marketing Beyond just beyond the translations that the tree house does it’s kind of a pointless entity because it doesn’t have any of that fire or that that bark to you know the sort of say anything to Nintendo of Japan I still feel like you know 

We are reaching the end of the Nintendo Switch if they fully believe that the system as it stands right now is going to last a few more years without anything on the horizon I think they’re in for a bit of a wake-up call unless there’s a huge price drop or something like that there are ways to circumvent it but you have to imagine it’s just like what the hell is so hard about releasing an incremental upgrade for this system what’s so hard about just giving you know what makes sense without having to reinvent the wheel without having to be you know something fun and something you know crazy different a new experience like sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the old experience you know 

That gets the job on and it’s what the people want and you can sort of Market something to where you think this is what people want but as I saw with things like the Virtual Boy as we saw with things like the Wii U that’s not exactly the move so I just wanted to talk about this because it’s going to be a pretty hot topic I feel today and there’s 

You know there are a lot of ways to break it down you could take what Doug says at the surface level and you know believe that that’s what Nintendo thinks is the move a company is going to keep some of their cards close to their chest because you know they don’t want to blow your load especially when there is no you know new system that has been confirmed but

I kind of want to know what you guys think is the consensus here is it going to be a 2023 system I don’t think it is I think early 2024 do you think it’s going to be a 2024 system or are we taking this at face value are we saying that Nintendo is going to ride this system out for another two three four years and if that’s the case how the hell are they gonna do that

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