Playing the BRAND NEW LEGO 2K Drive Video Game at 2K Games HQ

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we just got the 2K headquarters  I bet we’re going on a bus to play the  video game and get some pants-on experience  with it good morning party people this  has for an event  this week and it’s also kind of a super  secret event I’ll tell you what I can I  landed here in San Francisco around 8  A.M I was not expecting this there was a  driver there to pick me up I’m in the  car his name was Oscar he’s Colombian he  was amazing I got to my hotel around 9  00 a.m and I had some coffee around 9 10  a.m I got my coffee chocolate Persona  and I have never needed anything more in  my life I got like a double shot iced  mocha but then we’re just gonna speedrun  this I got checked into my hotel room  which is a very like quirky kind of fun  space Here’s the room

I can do a little  room tour real quick here’s a TV here’s  a desk there are some books that I’m not  going to read giant bed which was very good we’re  gonna go eat dim sum Claire’s ordering  for us and I just kind of hung out with  her for a little bit until some of the  other people that are here in town for  the events showed up so first we picked  up Holly from Holly on film we found a home  and we found her she was talking to TD  bricks and I might have been fangirling  a little bit let’s go I’ve known Holly  for a really long time but this is my  first time ever like meeting TD bricks  and I was like oh my gosh that’s him I  know him from the internet and it was  really cool at that point we windy my hands were numb  Ollie had gloves that were really smart

I  did not and then we went to dinner and  this was when I got to finally see who was gonna be here for this event it  was a lot of people I knew most of them  or at least knew of most of them I  hadn’t met everyone before but I like  knew who they were because of the  internet and dinner was wonderful but it  was also so nice to finally get to see  who Lego video  game it’s from 2K Games and it’s called  Lego 2K drive it is so good you guys  it’s so good essentially we’re all here  in town to get some hands-on experience  with it because we’ve seen some like  demo gameplay before but obviously, it’s  not released yet so none of us have  really gotten a chance to play it and  that’s what we’re all here in town to do  play the video game get some hands-on  experience

with it and also maybe get a  little bit competitive with each other  because from what I can tell so far it’s  kind of like Mario Kart like it’s Lego  car racing and you can kind of build  your own car and the woman organizing  this event was telling me that she built  like a chicken car out of Lego and I was  like this is the game for me this is  cool so essentially I’m all decked out  in my Lego gear I am ready to go I’m  actually ready to go lose because I’m  not very good at gaming but I’m gonna do  my best and have fun and probably also  build a chicken car because that sounds  cool I even brought my little Lego  beanie it’s kind of cold out so

I’m just  gonna hold on to that today and now I  need to go find some food downstairs  because it’s like a 45-minute drive to  their corporate office here in San  Francisco and I just need food  good morning I got a Chris on because I  was a bit hungry good morning Brian  good and here we have Jonathan how many  superheroes today hey hey it’s gonna be  so much fun today I can’t wait  we’re heading over to rampant now here’s  our little shuttle and everyone’s  loading in we’re going on a bus we’re going on a bus  we’re passing out morning cookies  they’re from Japan  we have arrived we just got to 2K  headquarters

we’re about to head in and  grab some breakfast and then finally get  to play the game you tell I’m surrounded  by creators no  no all right we just got inside I have  my little visitor badge here and we’re  about to eat some breakfast then have a  big presentation about the game we have  tons of different drinks some tea  mirrors  we have Stacy Roy hi there’s so many  balloons this is so much fun and then  they have it looks like swag watch boxes  as well  and we got one too these are so cute and  I got my hoodie and I need to go find  some food I’m eating bagels with Brian  there we go there’s a smile immediately  right after we had breakfast we had a  super secret presentation they gave us  so obviously I didn’t film any of that  and then after that we went to a secret  room for another two or three hours and  we couldn’t bring anything with us  really like our pockets were emptied our  bags were in this like green room area  and that’s where we finally got to get  our hands on a new Lego 2K Drive the  game is a massive racing open world  driving Adventure where we were able to  explore the different biomes Break Stuff  in the game because everything in the  game is Lego and also build amazing  Creations there’s this garage feature in  the game where you can build your own  car I’ll be honest

I was not very good  at this I had trouble figuring it out  but also I’m not a good mock Builder so  that’s probably why we were initially  set up individually to do some story  mode I loved exploring the different  biomes there was one it was called Big  Butte and y’all I am a huge Pixar fan  this biome really reminded me of  Radiator Springs from Cars it was so  beautiful and there were all these  little Lego Piggies kind of rolling  around in the mud I’m not really a huge  gamer though so it was kind of hard  figuring out all the different controls  at first by the end of this two to three-hour experience I was finally decent at  drifting I was really good at that and  then we had to leave so 

I’ve probably forgotten everything by  now and then after playing individually  doing story mode we did some mini games  and I loved that just because I love and I don’t remember what they  called it in the game but that’s what it  was and it also kind of reminded me a  little bit of squid game with that giant  baby during Red Light Green Light except  instead of a giant baby it was this  little robot and I hate that robot it  would shoot you down if you moved at all  which is the game but I was so stressed  out during that part I didn’t like the  robot then finally we moved on to racing  and out  about it honestly because we just ran  out of time before we were able to do  more like multiplayer racing games but  the good news is that I’ll be doing a  lot of Lego 2K Drive gameplay with the  other Lego so definitely Stick Around And  subscribe if you’re new because I’ll be  playing this game a lot leading up to  release then after doing a few hours of  gameplay we to go have lunch and they  catered Panera Bread for us it was  really yummy I had a very good sandwich  I was happy we were all just kind of  hanging out in this conference room  eating lunch getting some drinks we’re  just gonna stop lunch hanging out with  these guys what’s up

I’m TD bricks what  do you think of the game I can’t say  anything but it was fire though then we  actually decided to sign the Lego sets  that 2K Games provided for us we all  took our Lego sets and lined them up on  the table and then went down one by one  and signed each of them okay this is  really fun we have everyone signing here  I am such a Sentimental person it’s kind  of embarrassing but then we headed over  to the break room to get some snacks and  walk to the shuttle this is the best  time we’re leaving 2K Games now  everyone’s here and this is the best  time ever the game is so much fun I’m  sad I have to leave because it was  really fun to play I want to go keep  playing a little bit more I thought that  this would be a little bit more Kitty  than it is I wasn’t sure

how much fun I  would have but honestly this is  something that everyone can enjoy and  y’all probably notice about me by now I  am not a huge gamer gaming has never  really been a huge part of my life but  the racing games though is is where  it’s at I love me some Mario Kart and  this game definitely feels like Mario  Kart to me it’s so much fun it’s so  interactive and there’s also a story  mode which is very cool but then the  mini-games are really fun too even  though I’m still definitely a little bit  traumatized by that red light green  light Lego 2K drive also really brought  out more of my competitive side which is  basically non-existent I am zero percent  competitive like

I have never been a  competitive person but when we were  playing this game together it got heated  real fast I didn’t mention this to you  guys yet but I did in fact end up  winning Red Light Green Light so  yeah watch out anyways y’all there is so  much more content to come as we get to  explore more and  so definitely stick around if you’re new  because this is gonna be really fun that  being said make sure to check out Lego  2K all the links you need are down in  the description that will give you all  the info you need about Lego 2K Drive I  hope you guys are just as excited about  Lego 2K drive  

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