President USA Joe Biden Tests Positive For a Deadly Virus COVID-19

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President USA Joe Biden Tests Positive For a Deadly Virus COVID-19
President USA Joe Biden Tests Positive For a Deadly Virus COVID-19

so the president did you know tests positive we just got that information from marine jean-Pierre the press secretary within the last five minutes or so president bidden was scheduled today to be traveling to Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania for an event

he’s not going to be able to make that trip as a function of this new test

we are reaching out as we speak to the first lady’s office as well as trying to get much better detail on whether in fact, she may have tested positive as well president bidden at 79 years old there has been a lot of concern about his health and safety over

the course of his presidency the oldest present ever to take office and significantly this is a president who folks have paid close attention to his health throughout his time at the office he repeatedly coughs often when he begins the doctor in his last physical

communicated that that was a form of reflux that he had been dealing with but it often had us asking questions about whether he had tested positive or not the testing cadence we were told had been routine although the white house had never said specifically how often president bid had tested here you see pictures from just yesterday when he was in Massachusetts delivering remarks at the time it was unclear whether or not um there was anything wrong with his health he appeared to be just fine as best one could tell I traveled aboard air force one with him just last week as we were

in Israel, the west bank, and Saudi Arabia, and the president like all of those traveling with him were required to undergo testing on a routine basis to make sure that they were good, but again this is significant breaking news this is a 79-year-old president who right now is dealing with what are described as mild symptoms but

there is great concern about his health and safety at this time, you know, honestly Yasmin at this moment we’re trying to get a better sense of understanding about how this will impact the next several days for this president, but clearly, he’s going to be in isolation or isolation even if he can work from a distance from aids over the

the course of the next, uh, five plus days we imagine well and I’m wondering peter and

you may not have um this information but how long do we know the president is

going to be in isolation because in certain instances right, there are folks that test positive for coveting, and after five days of isolation, they’re allowed to go back to their lives and not necessarily even have to retest and or test negative to resume

life do we know at all how long um the president is going to be isolating for yeah it’s a good question we don’t we have asked that very question right now I do think they’re going to follow all the cod protocols yeah on this so the president can lead by example um you know even to this point we’ve seen him wearing a mask often when he meets inside with individuals he was wearing massive times during his

travel over the last week so I think they’re going to do everything they can to be as careful about his health here obviously but to be sincere this is breaking news

to us and we’re going to try to get a better understanding we’re certainly pushing the white house for more details about how this will impact their plans, but again to be clear, this announcement that president bidden has tested positive for the cover was made just this morning the test happening just this morning as well now about two and a half years into this pandemic for the first time president bidden is tested positive

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