PS Vita 2? Rumors indicate that Sony is developing a new portable console

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A new portable console and Sony may be in development and should arrive before the release do PlayStation 5. At least, that’s what the latest rumors surrounding the Japanese company’s operations are saying. So, it is still not possible to know many details about this device.

What is known, therefore, is that he is called Lite by people who work in the company. As for the concept, it can resemble the PSP It is Vita on the question, but with important differences. For example, it shouldn’t be a device focused on cloud gaming.

According to rumors, this model should be released for use with the Remote Play mode of the PlayStation 5. That is, it would be possible to play the titles of the desktop console through wireless transmission, something that is already possible to do with notebooks and cell phones today.

The authors of this rumor also claim that the portable console looks similar to the Dual Sense controller, in addition to being equipped with an 8-inch screen, speakers, headphone jack, and volume keys and it seems that it has already is at a very advanced level of development.

It is worth remembering that this type of rumor is not new, with news about a new Sony portable always mentioning the possibility of a new one. laptop give as faces no market. In addition, a recent leak pointed out that the Japanese company will launch hardware not mentioned before PS5 Pro. With that, we can only wait.

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