Resident Evil 4 Remake New – Combat, New Areas, Attached Case Features, And More!

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Resident Evil

Mr. Kennedy who the hell are you we loved both the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remixes so we are of course super excited for the re4 remake coming in just a few weeks to tide us over until then Capcom is kind enough to send us some brand new footage of the game in action which we’re gonna share with you tonight along with our thoughts on 

How the Resident Evil 4 remake is shaping up there are some familiar scenes and lots of new mechanics and it all looks very very stylish bear in mind this was a hands-off demo but we will hopefully have lots more content for you when we finally get to play the game for ourselves enjoy so the gameplay standoff with some exploration near the lake after Sundown there’s a short Cameo by Hannigan on Leon’s radio and then we’re off to find the key to the church now by chapter 4 of the original game Leon had actually already entered the castle so it seems like the pacing is a little different in the remake 

Which is no bad thing a little more time to explore the village the lake and the surrounding area with Leon on his own ratcheting up the tension and allowing us to soak in a bit more of the atmosphere, yeah that sounds like a lot of fun it isn’t long of course before Leon runs into some villagers and we can see the very wet Gore the re-engine is so good at in action as in the original game shooting enemies in the leg disorients them and you can follow these up with the melee attack the parasite’s body becomes exposed after certain attacks on the gonads after which they become stronger than their normal human form as well as having much-improved reach with the parasite exposed can attack with its sharp tentacles which if you’re fast enough can be parried with 

Your knife is a little on the knife it’s one which the re4 Remake has been updated to reflect more modern gameplay according to the game director kadai speaking to the game informer this update came from a desire to change the QTE-heavy gameplay of the original kadai said early in development one of the things we wanted to improve was the QT events are not popular in today’s games we really did not the players today would enjoy them so we thought about what we could Implement to take their place in the original there’s a fight with Cruiser, for instance, we thought if we had something like a Pari system we could realize knife combat I from that thought 

It seems the team ended up applying the Pari as a core mechanic throughout the entire game in a sense taking the original and weaving them more fluidly into the gameplay as a whole, to be honest, it also seems to make the knife more interesting and versatile but while in the original you could use your knife infinitely it can break in the remake adding a little bit of tension to encounters when you know you could suddenly be without very useful Close Quarters weapon the browser fight incidentally was one of the most memorable scenes from the original game 

But, indeed, it was probably in need of updating in the remake it looks to still have that intensity and excitement but you’re way more in control of how things are actually playing out in front of you we can also see from the new footage that puzzles and intriguing environmental storytelling are very much still a part of the re-experience Leon briefly passes through a cave where he can see paintings on the wall and a shrine at the back where items can be placed offhand we don’t recall that specific scene being part of the original game so it’s looking like we can expect some new challenges as we explore which makes total sense another puzzle seems to be related to various symbols scrawled in yellow paint in an area which correspond to buttons 

You can press on a plinth that may or may not be keeping a familiar-ish enemy locked up you can see just beyond that door also brand new to the Remake are requested you can find out in the world these seem to be posted up by the merchant more of him in a moment and will net you rewards for collecting specific items while you explore such as this one where you’re tasked with hunting down and selling the merchant a gold chicken egg according to the developers this idea originally came from wanting to implement a system sort of like the recipes the Juke offered in village where you’d bring him fish or meat in exchange for certain upgrades this idea eventually morphed into requests which do feel more in keeping with the general tone of re4 and of course 

The merchant given the fact that Resident Evil 4 is a game that helped popularize third-person action in games and solidify their dominance in the industry for multiple generations to come it stands to reason that this remake needs to live up to that Legacy with regards to its combat we already touched on how the knife is going to change things up but elsewhere ruined attacks and Leon’s melee finishers and Contours all boast new animations and flourishes yes by the way he doesn’t still do a clean suplex Leon can now stab a gonad in the head while it’s on the floor for example, of course, enemy attack animations have been updated too and they are looking pleasingly brutal on the enemy design it’s not too different but it has been updated enough that everything looks appropriately horrifying parasites are all bone and sinew while heads explode with 

An Almighty squelch in a smoky shotgun blast re4 remix combat is still definitely familiar however particularly with the sense of panic that Creeps in whenever you start to get overwhelmed by enemies closing it around you thankfully although they are still able to arm themselves you can still knock projectiles out of the air with your gun or a knife as well as shoot away any weapons they’re holding including explosives foreign so it’s kind of inevitable that it would happen but for fans of the original re4 it’s going to be a little weird hearing the Merchant’s new voice lines I’ve got some new items in stuff he’s expanded his offerings from the original game though you can still buy sell and tune up 

Your weapons and now you can trade too with spinels you accumulate through completing his requests there are three kinds of currency on display in the Merchant’s shop Crusaders spinels and some sort of blue ticket whose function we’re not sure of yet Perhaps they’re obtained through challenges like shooting the blue Metals in the original game which by the way do look to be included in the remake as well you can see one just over there, either way, the shop is looking very enticing don’t get yourself killed now in the original you could sell 

Treasures to the merchant to drum up a lot of Quick Cash and some Treasures you could hold on to and find missing parts for to combine and increase their sale value that’s still the case here but the process looks slightly more involved in that you can add gems manually yourself as you see here with the elegant mask this might just be a fun little extra or maybe there could be bonuses for correctly laying the jams like if you see the mask depicted on a painting or something elsewhere that’s just an idea but it’s fun to see that little 

Evolution nonetheless comes through with similar subtle upgrade typewriters are of course used to save your game but they cannot also be used to store weapons and items outside of the game’s iconic Hitachi case which you can now customize the color of and add charms to also typewriters this new feature isn’t just cosmetic but comes with slight perks as well like a black case increasing the drop rate for resources and a chicken charm meaning any eggs you can Sim give you 100 of your health back I think 

It’s going to be fun seeing what other charms are out there stick close once Leon finally rescues and joins up with Ashley things get a little more complex just like the original you don’t usually control directly but Leon can somewhat maneuver her by using the tight or loose commands the fast command keeps her closer to Leon and lose causes Ashley to distance herself when things get dangerous the symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen shows you which mode you have enabled and can be swapped at any point during 

Your gameplay the main goal the reform remix development team said they were Keen to achieve was to provide a variation on the original game to make things feel fresh in other words when the original was released it felt very new to play but copying that wholesale for a remake just won’t work now because o lot of mechanics and controls in standard industry practices have moved on since then one example the dev team has given as something that has now become more of a standard is giving players options in how to approach any given scenario so NY Leon and Ashley can crouch and steal trust enemies if players want to try and avoid direct combat and save themselves some ammo to this end 

There is now a bolt thrower weapon that fires silently meaning enemies won’t know where it came from giving players more tools to do things a different way the ability to stealth looks like it’ll make one memorable fight from the original even more satisfying night too everyone remember the Parador yeah, of course, you do spread out when things do kick off loudly they do so in spectacular fashion this sequence I know will be very familiar to fans of the original on the castle walls Leon is fighting through the ramparts while being blasted on all sides by catacomb fire use red barrels significant effect but be careful not to let Ashley get carried off or whereas before it is an instant game over Be Careful by this stage it is no surprise that Capcom knows what it’s doing when it comes to the high-quality remix of its most loved nameless it’s exciting to see 

How the Resident Evil 4 remake is shaping up the original re4 marked a huge turning point in the Resident Evil series and new games, in general, its influence on Modern gameplay really can’t be overstated there is therefore a lot of expectation on this remake shoulders in many ways some of these scenes look so familiar I know exactly what part of the game they’re from and I feel like I can picture exactly how I’m going to tackle them but then again it sounds like the mechanics have been tweaked just so that there’s a little more room this time around to experiment and try some new approaches the castle, in particular, looks gorgeously spooky the characters have all been given a bit of a makeover although I’m really not loving 

Ashley’s new outfit in all honesty and they often overlooked campiness in parts of the script and in Leon’s sassiness also seems to have been translated really well honestly it all looks great apart from maybe Leon Ashley’s polyester hair I mean what exactly is going on there anyway as mentioned above this is all based on a hands-off preview provided to us by Capcom but we’re really excited to go Hands-On in the very near future so make sure to stick around to experience that with us 

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