Rhoa Marriage Over! Drew Sidora Left Stunned as Ralph Files for Divorce

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Rhoa Marriage Over
Ralph Rhoa Marriage Over

The news about crusader and her husband   according to the sun magazine Ralph has   filed for divorce after nine years of   marriage now according to Ralph this   marriage is beyond reconciliation he stated to People magazine and   this is that he said he said love is a   beautiful thing, unfortunately, we have   made the difficult decision to move on   to our next chapters independent of each   other Drew and I have decided to file   for divorce we have three amazing young   children and their mindset and growth is   what is most important as we   navigate this difficult time 

I ask that   you please respect our privacy no that’s   that’s what trips me out every time a   celebrity couple breaks up they want   their privacy how do you want your   privacy when you’re on a reality TV show   and not only do you want your privacy   you brought this problem I I would say   they started in a rocky relationship   I remember one time they got into an   argument and Ralph allegedly went to a   whole nother City to the beach to think   this problem out I mean who does that uh   another season 

I think he hired a   secretary that made Drew feel   uncomfortable there’s no privacy you’re   on one of the most popular reality TV   shows The Real Housewives of Atlanta now   I know that they finished uh filming a   couple of weeks ago so I’m really hoping   that Drew and Ralph has not pulled a   Juan and Robin that would be uh   pretending and lying during filming   acting like everything’s okay and then   when the reality is this relationship   probably was not worth saving a long   time ago and I don’t mean that in a mean   way, I’m saying that’s what the popular   opinion is people think that this   relationship wasn’t going to last they   label Ralph a cheater and not only that   they’re going on Twitter saying that   

It’s probably him that has been cheating   again   and not only that this is probably the   reason why he didn’t want to adopt   Drew’s son do you guys remember that   season he just refused to do it he says   he has his father you know I agree with the public I feel like Ralph   has been cheating for a long time since   day one in fact and now thanks to Robin   and Juan my mind goes to even darker   places are you guys just doing this to   have another season where your   performance is not so good this season   and you want to come back I mean Robin   has made me jaded 

I don’t   trust any reality TV star now as for   Ralph it seems like he only made that   one statement to People magazine and he   filed the paperwork on Monday as for   Drew she hasn’t said anything her   Instagram and her social media have no postings about this   let me see when is the last time she   posted on Instagram yesterday and she   didn’t mention it so uh right as of now   she has not uh made any statements now I   will go on to say just in case this is real because I’m telling you, guys   

Robin has destroyed my way of thinking   but in case this is real this is   very sad you always hate to see a couple split after nine years that’s almost a   decade but like I said the relationship   every season they were working on the   relationship practically trying to save   it every season and every season uh   Ralph just gave me cheater Vibes now let   me say this before I uh log off here if   this relationship is falling apart and   they did hide it from the show   

Andy Cohen has to put his foot down see   I mean Robin has set a precedence that   is not going to be tolerated by the   public if this is true Andy has to put   his foot down he has to fire uh Drew and   Ralph he has to fire Juan and Robin and   he has to have a big meeting with the   entire franchise making it Crystal Clear   if you hide   such things as Affairs the end of a   marriage if you hide anything you will automatically be   fired because what’s the sense of being   on a reality TV show if you’re not going   to open up this is why you get paid the   big bucks okay 

This is why you don’t   have to go to a nine-to-five because you   made a contract saying if anything   happens in my life I’m going to share it   with the public now according to Robin   no no no no no no I have a right to   share what I want to share and I have a   right to not share what I don’t want to   share and that’s not true I don’t look   at it that way when people do that I   label that reality TV show fake and fake   storylines and it quickly makes me lose   interest   now 

I’m not speaking for everyone just   myself you guys might still feel like   you don’t have to know all of their   business but for shiralee no I need to   know what’s going on so I can go through   this journey with you okay that’s why we   watch reality TV people that’s why we   watch it so   um I’m hoping that   they didn’t hide this from the cameras   but I guess we will find out we’re   waiting for a statement from Drew and   I’m sure there’ll be more articles on   this subject this

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