Serena Williams to play the final tournament at U.S. Open

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Serena Williams to play the final tournament at U.S. Open
Serena Williams to play the final tournament at U.S. Open

Today begins a swan song of sorts for one of the greatest champions in tennis history, of course, we’re talking about Serena Williams, who starts her final run at us open she announced her retirement earlier this month with the opening of her last tournament she says it’s an event she first won back in 1999.

Serena is playing a dance in her first round match at seven o’clock eastern this evening she’s also playing doubles with her sister Venus Jericho Duncan is in the open in flushing meadows New York with more of the story jerk I can’t wait for seven o’clock
it’s a little less than 12 hours from now good morning to you I know I know good morning to you good morning to everyone when you think about Serena Williams there is so much you could say she has been dominating this sport she has been dominating the mark for the last two decades when you think about her athleticism her intense style of play she transformed the game of tennis, especially for women determination drive and sheer dominance

Over 27 years Serena Williams served volleyed and slammed her way to the top of the tennis world her career highlights can hardly be matched 73 singles titles and 23 singles grand slams her first of those coming right here at flushing meadows in 1999 as a fierce 17-year-old Serena Williams in 2013 at 31 years old she became the most senior woman to hold the number one ranking now almost a decade later she ranks 413.

I love playing but I can’t do this forever her road here was paved with obstacles including several injuries and a near-death experience during childbirth in 2017 that delayed her return to tennis but despite being twice the age of her competitors at times her commitment to the sport has never wavered she spoke with Meghan Markle about her retirement last week I will always want to be involved in some way shape or form and tennis you know obviously

So long and as a woman, there’s only so long you can put that off just like much of her playing career Williams’s retirement announcement was made on her terms revealed in vogue magazine earlier this month this is it the end of the story that started in Compton California with a little black girl who just wanted to play tennis she’s transformed our sports she’s revolutionized our sport she’s been a mentor and a leader to so many former players and usta president Katrina Adams says Serena and her sister venus helped to elevate the game for young girls what does this sport look like without her in it Serena’s left the sport in a
great spot as she walks away I mean we have more sponsors in women’s tennis we have more players reaping the rewards and the benefits from what Serena has laid in the foundation now it’s up to the next generation to continue to move that needle forward helping to carry that mantle is 18-year-old star coco golf she’s always going to be considered the goat because she didn’t dominate one generation she didn’t dominate two generations she dominated for three plus generations and I don’t think anybody else did that Goff says Serena became an

Immediate role model before Serena came along there wasn’t you know not an icon of the sport that looked like me and so growing up I never thought that I was different because you know the number one player in the world was somebody who looked like me so I think being a black woman in the world you kind of settle for less and I feel like Serena just taught me that from watching her she never settled for less Williams will be playing at the Arthur

The stadium right behind me starts at 7 pm eastern and last check the tickets started at 200 but had you got them maybe five or six weeks ago you probably could have got the tickets for 30 bucks scale but you know what Jerica two hundred dollars I have to say sounds like a deal

I know someone who paid five thousand dollars for a ticket to go to tonight’s game but I love what coco said wow yep they got a couple of bucks so but they were willing to pay it but I love what coco said that Serena dominated for three generations it’s
hard to even put into words all the first that she’s accomplished and what she has meant to this game it is Gail and I hope to see you here later tonight make sure I get next to you because I know you got good tickets

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