Shocking Shakira Facing a Fine of $23 Million and 8 Years in Jail Over Unpaid Spanish Taxes

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Shakira Facing Huge Fine and Jail Time for Tax Fraud!

Colombian pop star Shakira is facing a lengthy jail sentence and a massive fine in Spain where authorities have accused her of evading taxes worth 14.5 million euros or around 14.8 million dollars Spanish prosecutors are accusing Shakira of committing six cases of tax fraud and recommend a sentence of eight years and two months accompanied by a hefty fine of over 23 million euros 23.5 million dollars Spanish outlet el reported on Friday.

The case will be handled by a court in the vicinity of Barcelona where Shakira resides a hearing is expected in the next few weeks where Shakira will be called to testify Shakira first lost an appeal to have the case thrown out last May and earlier this week the singer refused a settlement deal offered by the Spanish judicial ministry that would have kept

the case out of court at the time Shakira accused the prosecution of being uncompromising and of applying improper methods to pressure her into accepting a deal while a deal has yet to be struck el noted that an agreement could be ironed out at any point between now and the trial date although the latest ruling indicates that Shakira will likely have to testify at a hearing regardless.

The case through to the end sources close to the singer told el palace the claimed fraud is reported to have occurred between 2012 and 2014 during which Spanish prosecutors allege Shakira was living in the Spanish city of Barcelona after she began a relationship with Barcelona FC player Gerard piquet while maintaining a fiscal residence in the Bahamas and avoiding Spanish taxes the Colombian star has counted that she did not officially move to Spain until 2015 and that she had been traveling frequently during the period in question.

The prosecution has cited records of visits to hair salons a pregnancy clinic and a rented recording studio in the city as evidence that Shakira was living in Barcelona Shakira’s while adding that the prosecution has relied on indirect evidence to support their claims on Shakira’s residency Shakira has said that she is fully willing to resolve any differences with the tax agency if they are found to be legitimate and has claimed that during the period in question she was following the financial council of advisers from the pursuit of house coopers a London-based consulting firm specializing in tax law and financial services.

The firm is not known to be involved in the court case according to el Shakira who is arguing that she did not change her legal residence to Barcelona until 2015 and is reportedly looking to leave the Catalonian city in the country anyway after a public breakup with our partner pay last month the singer is said to be seeking a move to the us.

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