The Last of Us Part I for PC sold nearly 400,000 copies in one month

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The Last of Us Part I
The Last of Us Part I

Even with performance issues and negative reviews, the game performed satisfactorily in sales.

Performance problems may even have affected sales of The Last of Us Part I for PC, but the title recorded an even satisfactory number of sales in its first month on the market. According to data released by Sony itself, in a presentation on Tuesday night (23) , the title reached almost 400,000 copies on computers.

Launched on March 28 of this year, the game registered 368,000 units sold, with revenue of US$ 15 million – data computed on April 23. For comparison, Marvel’s Spader-Man Remastered, which came out in August 2022, has sold 1.5 million copies for $52 million in revenue.

And, by all indications, the tendency is for Sony to invest more and more to take its great franchises to other formats – not just games on PC and mobile devices, but also movies, series, and so on.

The Last of Us is obviously a great example of this. As Jim Ryan, head of SIE said a few days ago, the HBO series was very important to boost sales of the game – which, even though it was originally released in 2013, is still a success.

Last, of Us Part I gets better, but the PC still crashes.

Part of The Last of Us I keep having computer issues. According to the specialized website Digital Foundry, the game showed impressive visual improvements and smoother performance after the last correction patches but still needs to resolve issues related to the frame rate and audio. Learn more here.

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