The New LG Gram Laptop!

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LG Gram Laptop
LG Gram Laptop

This new LG gram two in one super  lightweight laptop and so I didn’t  remember the actual model number but I’m  gonna throw it up here on the screen  here for you so yeah the first thing we  need to do is get this thing unboxed so  I can use it so let me flip it  over and I think I have some tape here  and oh yeah let me get close for you  there’s one and there’s two and boom  there we go Oh I thought we’ll see the  laptop but we have this little board  right here 

What is this you can  assemble the pieces like the picture  above after cutting them Slide the  calendar left and right to match the  current month you can use it every year  I don’t know what this is but I’m going  to take a look at it later and yes I’m  gonna get this to the side here and we  have the power adapter and this is  coming in at what 65 Watts coming in at  65 watts and it does use a USB C cable  on the end to be able to plug into one  of the USBC ports on this laptop and we  also have this stylus pen and slide this  out and so yeah this will work with the  pin touch compatible display here on  this laptop and that’s LG’s kind of line  of displays that you can write on to  sign contacts draw play 

Some games do  whatever here so I’ll test that here a  little bit later I don’t know what  we have under here looks like we have an adapter here USBC to what’s HDMI  and so yeah this is nice just in case  you want to hook this laptop up to a  monitor or a TV to be able to get a  bigger screen experience but let me get  this out the way and now like I always  say it’s time for the star of the show  the 16 inch LG gram here and man look  already 

I can tell you this thing is  super light it feels like I’m just kind  of holding like a magazine or something super light so let’s get this  cover off here  if I can do it all right there we go we  have some more plastic to remove and  oh that’s nice oh that’s satisfying and let me flip it over  there’s nothing on the back so we don’t  need to take off anything there but yeah  look at this man very nice matte black  finish here for this laptop and let’s open it up and we have this little kind of screen protector here let me get  this thing turned on and while this thing is booting up for the first time you know this is going to take a while let me go ahead and test out the keyboard that keyboard feels good to everything is feeling good on here and  I’m assuming this is a backlit keyboard  

I think that is correct so the keyboard feels good you have a number pad right here for people who like to Crunch those numbers and then also you have a really big size uh trackpad right here it does support gesture support so you can do those type of things with Windows 11. Oh  and as far as the ports on the left-hand side you will find two USB 4 gen 3 Type  C ports and these will support a power  delivery display port and Thunderbolt 4.  then next to those you will find a  headphone port and then when you flip  

Over to the right-hand side, you will be  finding one USB 3.2 Gen 2 type port  and then also you will be finding a  Micro SD card slot look I’m not  going to bore you through the whole  setup process and updates and all that  stuff but let me go over some of the  general specs of this laptop so 16-inch screen coming in with a resolution of  2560 by 1600 and it is a touch screen  IPS LCD it does come with  Windows 11 home and it is rocking the  Intel Evo 12th gen Intel Core i7 1260p  12 core processor it also does have  Intel XC graphics and it comes with 16  gigabytes of RAM a two terabyte nvme Gen  4 m.2 SSD so that should be plenty fast  and you get Wi-Fi 6C and also a 72-watt hour lithium battery inside of this so  look I’m about to use this overnight I’m  gonna watch some videos on it and test  out this 16-inch screen and then we’re  going to come back tomorrow and take it  out for a spin all right so if you’re  out here the next morning 

I bet you  weren’t expecting this angle but I’m  taking out one of my electric bikes here  I’ve been doing some filming while we  have a break in the rain and today has  been a very foggy day you can see here  on the Mississippi River I’m over here  by the saint Louis Arch beautiful foggy  day but anyway I wanted to bring the  laptop out with me because I actually  have it in my backpack right now so this  is a 16 inch laptop and my backpack is  rated for a 15 inch laptop but I was  able to make it fit and that’s partly  due to the thinness of this laptop  because it is only 0.67 inches thick so  this thing is thin and then you combine  that with the weight of the laptop  because it’s all in the name right LG  gram so this thing weighs 1.48 grams and  that works out to 3.26 pounds so look  there are some laptops that weigh less  than this right but not that many  laptops that I’ve come across that are  16 inch laptops that only weigh this  little so it’s pretty impressive that  they were able to get everything stuffed  inside of here but also keep that  thinness and that weight down and  actually let me pull over here because 

I  wanted to uh kind of test out this new  bag that I got for my bike and I want to  see if the laptop can fit in  this so let me get this thing on  and yeah this isn’t going to work I just  wanted to try it out but this wouldn’t  be a great idea unless you have some  type of sleeve on the laptop to protect  it but yeah it’s just too tall but  anyway it was worth a shot and all right  so let me sit down for a second I’m  getting old people I’m getting old but  yeah I like the fact that this laptop  does have Windows hello so when I open  it up and I go to log in it can just use  facial recognition to log me in without  having to enter in my passcode or  anything and as I said it before in the  unboxing this does come with Windows 11  home which I like this operating system  it’s Sleek it’s kind of simplified it’s  fast and then also 

I love the way that  you can manage your open windows so you  can drag a window up towards the top of  the screen they’ll give you some options  as far as how you can have it laid out  on the screen and then if you want to  add multiple apps you can go ahead and  organize it that way too oh and last  night after I unboxed this I did watch  some YouTube videos and also some  Netflix videos on this and I have to  tell you I like the screen so it comes  in at 300 nits which are going to be  plenty bright for indoors but also  outside I do have a little bit of  backlight behind me it’s not the ideal  situation but the screen is holding up  pretty well but 

I like the colors  and I like the kind of clarity of  the screen when I was watching YouTube  videos and stuff the screen is also  made out of Gorilla Glass 7 so you know normal use should be fine if  you drop it I’m not going to tell you  it’s not going to break but it  definitely is going to have some  durability with it, oh and I did mess  around with the stylus a little bit last  night and I have to say for a bundled stylus that comes with the laptop  sometimes they can suck but this one was  pretty responsive I was doing some kind  of paintwork or just drawing I’m not  going to call it to paint but I was just you know scribbling on the  screen and it seemed to be very accurate  and responsive and also 

I use it to play  some Solitaire on this thing and also to  navigate the operating system as well so  it’s pretty fun especially because this  is a touch screen but I don’t always  like to use my fingers because it gets  fingerprints on the screen so having  this stylus to be able to use is fun to use and especially if you  want to use it for signing contracts and  doing work or taking down notes when you  are in class in college or something  it’s going to be good for that but one  thing on my wish list for the next  version of this laptop would be one way  to be able it’s a magnetic store or attaches the stylus to the laptop so you  always have it with you right now you  just have to remember to throw it in the  back with you when you are ready to  leave and look I’m not going to lie to  you I’m able to see my hairline in the  display of this camera and I was like a man 

I need to get a haircut and I almost  forgot that I have a haircut in about an  hour right now so let me go ahead and  pack up and get on my way back home get  in the car and go get that done because  I need it oh  [Music]  all right I’m running late but oh hey  Kitty  how you doing sorry oh hey I don’t have  any food sorry  all right so I just left the barber shop  and my barber did his best with my  hairline here we got a garbage truck  over there picking up trash but I  thought this would be a good opportunity  to test out the built-in webcam which  camera cord video up to 1080p at 30  frames per second and I think it can  take like two-megapixel photos if you  want but yeah this is how the webcam  looks and also I’m using the built-in  microphone so yeah if you want to use  this for Zoom calls stuff like that I  think the video quality from what I can  see looks good  foreign  because it is still a rainy mess outside  but we’re right under 24 hours and 

So I  wanted to show you one last thing here  and that’s the fact that this does run  Amazon Alexa and it’s probably going to  hear me say Alexa yeah it did uh what’s  the weather today  might as well do a demo there are 47  degrees Fahrenheit with rain tonight you  can look for clouds and showers with a  low of 34 degrees okay all right so  that’s how it works so this is going to  be great if you have a bunch of other  Alexa enabled devices you can control  your license go and  close this man you can control your  lights your refrigerator different  things that do run Amazon Alexa 

So I  love that being built to end but if you  still want to use the original assistant  Cortana you can still do that if you  want and so with that wraps up my  24 hours here with the LG grams so look  there are some other laptops that have  beefier GPUs and RGB lights and stuff  all over the place and those things are  cool but this one is a laptop’s laptops  right it definitely gets the basics  done right and I think when you look at  something that’s going to be portable  it’s not going to weigh you down when  you are traveling with it in your bag  but still has the performance for those  everyday tasks and getting things done  or watching some videos or movies or  whatever this laptop really kind of  checks all of the boxes but the big  thing is just how lightweight this  thing is and it really doesn’t weigh anywhere near as other 16 inch laptops  out there so they did a great job with  the build quality of this 

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