The World’s First 17 3-inch Foldable Oled Laptop ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED UX9702

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Foldable Oled Laptop ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED UX9702
Foldable Oled Laptop ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED UX9702

In just the last three years I have encountered Asus laptops that have appealed to sparked interest and curiosity and in some cases shocked but all in all, I have been impressed by their tech and innovation from the Numpad to the screen pad to the fantastic OLED screens to the dual screens no one likes to show off unless they’re showing off as dope as to the flip and now the fold and I’m only talking about the zen book lineup, not even the rog tuff or vivobook lineups that have their tweets to offer it seems there are no limits to where they can go to next but before we get to that indefinite future let’s have a look at what we have in the here and now and I can’t believe I’m saying this in my hands is a 17-inch laptop with a folding OLED screen ladies and gentlemen it was in 2022 that we received the most amazing laptop in the world yet

from techwiz i’m martin gavinji let’s take it and go this is a first impressions video as we just received this device and can’t wait to share what it’s all about big thanks to asus for availing this to us and we shall definitely do an in-depth review very soon so what are we working with the world’s first 17-inch foldable oled laptop or full led if you like comes with windows 11 pre-installed it runs a 12th gen intel core i7 1250u processor tuned towards battery efficiency so that’s a win already it has intel iris xe graphics and supports lp ddr5 ram of up to 16 gb it has a 1tb m.2 nvme pcie 4.0 performance ssd supports wi-fi 6 and bluetooth 5 and has the us military grade standard of 8 10 each meaning it has been dropped enough times plus it has gone through 30 000 plus actuations meaning folding it and unfolding holding and unfolding weighs in at 1.5 kilograms and has a 75 watt hour battery and a 65 watt type c charger now before we even get to dive deep into what the screen can do or cannot do believe me this is a treat for you let’s do a trip around the device first let me use the webcam asthe top and describe the rest of the sides from that perspective on the right we have a power button air vents a charging light indicator a 3.5 millimeter combo audio jack a thunderbolt 4 port that supports display and type c charging on the right are more air vents at the top we have another thunderbolt 4 port a set of speakers and volume button keys at the bottom we have another set of speakers to finish off the stereo setup and clear indication that this laptop has dolby vision atmos sound the way to go sorry i digress moving on at the back we have the hinge mechanism beautifully covered with

leather that gives it that premium texture and feels this also complements the leather pouch or carrying case if you like that comes included in the box the 17-inch fault has a USB-C to USB adapter included as well plus other possible accessories depending on your region of purchase more details on that in the review video at the back we also have the leather economic kickstart and finishing off is the new beautiful Asus logo on a premium magnesium alloy surface that glows with shimmers of light that are reflected when it hits the tech black colored surface now I might have failed to mention another accessory that comes with this laptop but for good reason a saucepan while unfolded you have a 17.3 inch 2560 by 1920 that’s 2k screen with an aspect ratio of 4 by 3 that can be used in tablet mode as it has a touch screen with a super fast response or in desktop

mode where you can use it with a provided 300 grams Bluetooth cable with 1.4-millimeter key travel it has a fantastic leather texture but misses a backlight but I imagine it is to ensure that the battery lasts long so it understandable the keyboard also charges with a type c cable and has an on-off slider button anyway back to the screen so those were two modes now when folded you get yourself two three by two-inch screens this gives you the reader mode creators will enjoy this one in particular if you ask me in a seminar or if you’re an avid book reader cause

look at how slick and cool that looks well, of course, you don’t need to but you know next you have the laptop mode with a virtual keyboard oh yes if you forgot your keyboard no need to worry your work can still go on then you have the next mode as the extended mode with the keyboard and it feels like multiple screens in one then you have the laptop

mode this by far is my favorite so you’re busy watching a movie in tablet mode or desktop mode then you feel you want to use the smaller screen to type away some documents or browse the web or you want to be discreet and not draw any attention to yourself as you’re using this laptop in a public space like a library or even a restaurant you just snap the keyboard to the lower part of the screen and voila did you see what just happened let me do it again snap the keyboard to the lower part of the screen, voila the bottom part goes off and the windows taskbar comes to the middle of the screen that is now the bottom of the top half of the screen I mean what engineering at its best you get a three by two screen that maxes out at 1920 by 1280. that magnetic snap is so satisfying, especially seeing as the border of the screen is all soft rubber I think that’s what provides the seal for what I think is the next best part about this laptop see how when you fold the laptop to carry it there is space left of course left for the hinge not to squeeze the screen and damage it with the keyboard in place which is where you will carry it so as not to leave it at home that space is no more this is fantastic engineering man I mean I would love to visit their factory and just rub shoulders with those engineers and designers because this is amazing hinting Asus travel plans soon

are you serious there’s a lot more that needs to be said about this laptop like what is the performance of it like uh

how does it handle light to moderate to heavy tasks how does it game if you are a gamer and you don’t want to use it to game does it heat all these in the review that

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