Tourism for All 2022″: over 60,000 applications – what applies to business payments

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Tourism for All 2022

What Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zaharakis told SKAI about the premiere of the “Tourism for All 2022” program – Thoughts on its expansion The citizens’ response to the “Tourism for All 2022” program, the participation platform of which was opened today at 12 noon, via, has been enormous.

“The applications have already exceeded 60,000,” the Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zaharakis said a while ago on SKAI 100.3, pointing out that today only those with a VAT number ending in 1, 2, 3 can submit applications. It is emphasized that the platform will accept applications gradually depending on the expiring VAT number of the beneficiary. Next up tomorrow are those who have TINs with expiring digits, 4, 5, and 6, while on Monday the platform will be open to everyone regardless of the expiring number on their TIN.

The new fully upgraded “Tourism for All” program concerns the subsidization of tourist accommodation costs for 200,000 citizens. Within one hour of operation, applications reached 8,000, while shortly after 18:00 they “broke the barrier of 50,000”. Ms. Zaharaki pointed out that the money will be given to the entrepreneurs immediately, while the extension of the program is under consideration.

Referring to the delays in the payments of entrepreneurs from the previous program, she emphasized that on Thursday another 3 million were given while the last 3 million of the total of 20 million remain. He explained that these programs are paid in installments, all supporting documents are clear, and depending on how the money comes in, it is available immediately.

From the very beginning, the participation of interests in the program was overwhelming since, indicatively, within one hour of the platform’s operation, 8,000 applications were submitted (12:00-13:00) By 15:00 the applications that had been submitted for approval were 35,000, and by 16:15 they had broken the 50,000 barriers. With the new “Tourism for All PASS” beneficiaries will be able to issue an immaterial digital debit card, which they can use for their stay at any hotel or accommodation in the country they choose.

The program is an upgraded version of the program of the same name from previous years, as for the first time it is offered: Increased subsidy of €150 per beneficiary (from €120 last year) Special provision for a higher subsidy of €200 for PWDs with a disability of more than 67% Contactless payment and redemption of the e-voucher at any accommodation provider (hotels, accommodation, etc.) and at any destination in the country, without geographical restrictions Immediate reimbursement of providers, which puts an end to waiting and time-consuming bureaucratic procedures Redeem the e-voucher once or in installments until June 2023, in order to support the choice of holidays outside the peak tourist season. Following the intervention of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the budget of the new digital program

“Tourism for All” amounts to 31 million euros this year, far exceeding the amount absorbed during the previous two years of the program. At the same time, the extension of the program was secured for the next three years, i.e. Until 2025. Citizens with an individual income of up to €16,000 and a family income of up to €28,000 can apply for the program, an amount that is increased for each child

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