Two More Free Games Surprise Released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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Xbox Series X|S
Xbox Series X|S

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By surprise, indie publisher Humble Games released two free games on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Check out which games have just arrived on Xbox (to download, just click on their names):

Protodroid DeLTA

“ Reach your potential in a fast-paced 3D action platformer set in the beautiful and vibrant world of ‘Solarpunk’, where humanity and technology coexist with nature. Take on the role of hyper-advanced Android model DeLTA as she seeks to show her world the true promise of artificial intelligence in a powerful and complex story of the coexistence of humankind and AI. ”

Omega strikers

“ Join Porradobol! Send opponents out of the arena and score goals in this frenetic-free 3v3 game. Team up with your friends and choose from a growing selection of eccentric Attackers to hurl slime, toss tofu, and rocket your way to victory. ”

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