Update your iPhone to iOS 16.4: over ten new features

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Update your iPhone to iOS 16.4: over ten new features

Apple has prepared the biggest update of the spring of 2023. We have collected the most important innovations that will be available to all those who have embroidered.

It’s time to update! iOS 16.4 has been released to the public for iPhone. It can already be installed by users around the world, including Russia. Before updating, it is worth clarifying: already installed applications of domestic banks work on iOS 16.4 (there are no new restrictions).

Main innovations

1. New emoji

New emojis can now be found on the iPhone keyboard. Among them: donkey, jellyfish, maracas, elk, flute, fan, and colorful hearts. All fresh emojis are presented in the photo above. Note that if the interlocutor does not have iOS 16.4 installed, he will not see the smiley, instead, he will see a question mark.

2. Swipe input on the Russian layout

It’s done! Apple added support for swipe typing for the Russian version of the keyboard. Then it was available in other languages, including English. After almost 4 years, Russians were also allowed to print with swipes. You can enable the option in the item “Basic” – “Keyboard” – “Swipe to enter”.

3. Notifications from sites via Safari

Now push notifications can send not only downloaded applications but also websites. The function will only work through the standard Safari browser. For Russians, innovation will be especially useful. For example, the web version of Sberbank Online will be able to send notifications about transactions even if the bank application is not installed on the iPhone.

4. Improve sound quality for calls

You can find the function in the control center. Photo: 9To5Mac

Now the user can turn on the noise reduction mode during normal calls. This is done through the control panel. Previously, the feature only worked for FaceTime and other apps. With this mode, the interlocutor will hear only your voice: the sound of cars and other noise will not get into the microphones.

5. Apple Music Classical

Music Classic interface. Photo: App Store

With the release of iOS 16.4, users can download in the App Store a new application for listening to classical music. The service is available for free if you already have a subscriptionApple to music. The interface of the program is no different from regular Apple Music, but in the Classical version, you can only listen to classical tracks.

6. Flicker reduction function

Now iPhone can automatically detect videos with excessive special effects that negatively affect the eyes and brain. The screen will automatically dim if there are bright flashes in the video. How to enable the option, read here.

 7. Always-on Display

Photo: Apple

Innovation is relevant for owners iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. You can now hide wallpapers and notifications when the screen is locked in Always-on Display mode.

Minor improvements:

  • “Books” – returned the animation of turning pages, which was previously removed.
  • Duplicates – iPhone learned how to search for duplicate photos in the shared iCloud library;
  • Minor improvements in “Music” and “Podcasts”;
  • Added new options for the “Teams” application;
  • Restriction on the installation of beta versions – now regular users cannot install beta versions of new iOS (access is provided only to developers);
  • Screen Reader (Voice Over) is now available for the Maps and Weather apps;
  • Fixed bugs with the application “Home”;
  • Fixed a bug where iPhone 14 accidentally called the emergency services.

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