What does AI bring to e-commerce?

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The rapid development of AI has brought more possibilities to the e-commerce industry. Through the application of AI technology, the e-commerce industry has made breakthroughs in model picture production, copywriting content output, and short video production. In the process, the e-commerce platform can better reduce costs and increase efficiency, promote the effective operation of the whole, and achieve sustainable long-term development.

Previously, there have been many virtual bloggers on various platforms, such as Liu Yexi, Ling, Axi Angie, etc. These virtual bloggers have a high number of fans, and the quality of the content they publish is lower than that of real bloggers. No less, some virtual bloggers have also cooperated with many merchants to endorse. For example, Axi has cooperated with brands of automobiles, perfumes, mobile phones, and other categories. The cultivation of virtual bloggers has gradually become a trend. Brands or companies have their virtual blogger images. With the addition of artificial intelligence language models such as ChatGPT, the market potential of virtual anchors will be greatly stimulated. The combination of AI and virtual anchors can improve their service communication capabilities and enable them to better communicate with audiences. Respond to the questions raised by the audience promptly and become more intelligent.

Secondly, AI also brings great convenience in shooting business model promotional pictures. For merchants selling on Taobao, Tmall, and other e-commerce platforms, model display pictures play an important role in attracting consumers and guiding consumption. Model pictures are the most direct way for merchants to display products to consumers. Some merchants have invested a lot of money to shoot better model pictures. But compared to the traditional invitation model special shorten the way of taking promotional pictures, the addition of AI allows merchants to see more possibilities. They can create model pictures by issuing relevant instructions to AI, or set related model pictures through ready-to-wear pictures. This method can reduce the cost of inviting models, and photographers and retouching pictures for businesses. To a certain extent, drawing pictures through AI is also more convenient and quicker, reducing time consumption. Moreover, this method also increases the autonomy of the merchants themselves. In terms of model design, merchants can also design models according to the types and styles of clothing and have more independent space.

At the same time, in terms of copywriting, AI can also complete high-quality copywriting tasks. For example, ChatGPT is based on huge network data. Compared with manual writing, AI writing can produce content faster, and the creation cost is relatively low. At this stage, compared with manual writing, the content created by AI is still relatively stylized, lacking analysis and thinking. For the writing of some in-depth manuscripts, manual creation is still required, but in general copywriting, AI can already be low-cost and high-quality. Efficiently meet business needs. In video production, creators can also reduce creation time and technical difficulty through AI, and improve the efficiency of creation. While reducing the difficulty of creation, businesses or platforms can reduce capital investment in video editors and reduce the overall cost. cost.

The AI ​​dialogue model that people pay more attention to nowadays has made it a trend to convert the traditional keyword search into a more convenient voice search. In this way, consumers can describe their requirements more specifically, merchants can provide products more accurately, satisfy consumers’ needs more accurately, and their consumption desires will be improved. At the same time, ChatGPT, etc. When the AI ​​system processes and analyzes natural language data, it can help companies gain a deeper insight into the market and position their products and services more in line with the market. E-commerce companies can also better understand the needs of the market and consumers. To formulate a more precise marketing strategy.

In addition, intelligent language processing models such as ChatGPT can also improve the customer service quality of e-commerce. Faced with the current problem that various e-commerce companies have conflicts with consumers due to untimely customer service responses or improper handling, intelligent language processing

Models can handle customer inquiries and questions in a more timely manner and provide accurate answers, reducing customer wait times and processing times. Further, improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty and repurchase rate.

What AI brings more is technical assistance. The development and progress of AI have greatly reduced the difficulty of technical operations, reduced the cost of investment of merchants in various aspects, and improved the efficiency of production. AI can better adapt to market demand, improve customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and achieve sustainable development. The combination of e-commerce and AI can bring new development points and opportunities to the e-commerce field, break down the development barriers of the current e-commerce industry, and achieve new breakthroughs.

The extent to which AI and e-commerce can be integrated mainly depends on whether the e-commerce platform is willing to use it and how it intends to use it. Creating an intelligent e-commerce platform will become a trend in the future, but what kind of combination can better exert the potential of AI, help the transformation and development of e-commerce platforms, and win the market, and the platforms need to continue to explore. In the future, I believe that the continuous progress and development of AI technology can inject more vitality and possibilities into the entire consumer market, bringing more opportunities and hope.

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