What’s new in Ubuntu flavors 23.04?

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With Canonical’s latest system release, we already have Ubuntu 23.04 flavors as well. Today you’ll find out what’s new in each of the 10 flavors that have been updated in this new release of Ubuntu. One of them has gone official now, while another is returning after nine years without updates.

Check out what’s new in Ubuntu flavors 23.04

Official flavors need to meet some rules to have this title and follow Canonical’s timeline. In this article, we will mainly cover the new features that go beyond those of base Ubuntu 23.04.

There are several features in common between all Ubuntu flavors: in addition to using Ubuntu 23.04 “Lunar Lobster” as a base and coming with the Linux 6.2 kernel, from now on, they can no longer bring native support to packages in the flatpack format.

Ubuntu Cinnamon

This is the eighth release of Ubuntu Cinnamon, but the first as an official Ubuntu flavor, bringing the Cinnamon 5.6.7 interface, in addition to bug fixes and updated programs, such as the Firefox 111 browser, LibreOffice 7.5.2 and Thunderbird 102.10. Among the most outstanding new features are:

  • The separation of light, dark, and darker (darker) themes;
  • The user can choose to display the system icon in the system information tab;
  • Several new keyboard shortcuts;
  • Control throughout notifications.


This is the first release of Edubuntu in nine years, this distro that mainly targets schools is somewhat similar to the original Ubuntu, including the GNOME 44 interface. Among its differences, we have the applications menu organized in alphabetical order, with the program’s educational files contained in folders.

In the Edubuntu installer, we can optimize the system for preschool, primary school, high school, and university students, each option comes with different native applications, layouts,s layouts paper.

new in Ubuntu flavors
new in Ubuntu flavors

Through the Administrator’s Menu, the system administrator can choose which applications will be available to other users.

Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio

Kubuntu 23.04, as well as Ubuntu Studio, bring KDE Plasma 5.27 as a graphical interface, in addition to KDE Frameworks 5.104 and KDE Gear 22.12, PipeWire in place of PulseAudio, as a default audio server and day-to-day applications, such as Firefox, VLC and LibreOffice updated.

Ubuntu Studio no longer offers Studio Controls installed by default and brings several of its pre-installed programs, aimed at audiovisual production, updated. The news in the audio area is:

  • RaySession 0.13.0;
  • Carla 2.5.4;
  • LSP-plugins 1.2.5;
  • Audacity 3.2.4;
  • Ardor 7.3.0;
  • Patchance (new program in the Ubuntu Studio suite) 1.0.0

Check out the news about video production software:

  • OBS Studio 29.0.2;
  • Blender 3.4.1;
  • KDEnlive 22.12.3;
  • Free show 0.8.0;
  • OpenLP 3.0.2;
  • Q Light Controller Plus 4.12.6.

Among the image-oriented software, we have:

  • Krita 5.1.5;
  • Darktable 4.2.1;
  • digiKam 8.0.0 Beta.

Due to an error in the Calamares installer in Ubuntu Studio, the option to log in automatically after boot is not working at the moment, for that, the user must resort to the system settings menu after installation.


Containing the Xfce 4.18 interface, the new version of Xubuntu now has official minimal installer support and PipeWire is the default audio server. Thunar file manager has the option to undo and redo the last 10 operations, in addition to the new image preview panel.

new in Ubuntu flavors
new in Ubuntu flavors


The Lubuntu developers warned that they are already focused on version 23.10 of the system, which will be released in October of this year. As such, the newly released Lubuntu 23.04 will only receive bug fixes and critical security issues, and users are encouraged to upgrade to the next one as soon as it becomes available. For anyone not happy with these terms, they suggest sticking to the 22.04 LTS release.

Let’s get to the news, Ubuntu 23.10 brings Calamares 3.3 Alpha 2, which the developer’s claim is close to the final version and has no problems that hinder the installation process. A detail that demands attention is that when choosing to make an encrypted installation, it will be necessary to add a password, or the process will not work.

As LXQt 1.3 was released only after the system had defined how the launch would be, Lubuntu 23.04 brings LXQt 1.2.0 as a graphical interface, with some elements from 1.2.1. The system ships with PipeWire, the default screensaver has been changed to GL Matrix, due to problems in native LXQt.

Until the previous release, Lubuntu did not offer X composers by default, bringing Compton as an alternative for those who wanted to enjoy the benefits of X. Now, version 23.04 has adopted the Picom composer, derived from Compton, coming with Xorg enabled by default, with transparency effects. Anyone who doesn’t like the news can easily disable X in the system settings.

Furthermore, Lubuntu ships with Qt 5.15.8, Firefox 111, LibreOffice 7.5, VLC 3.0.18, Featherpad 1.3.5, and Discover Software Center 5.27.3.

Ubuntu MATE

Right off the bat, the Ubuntu MATE developers claim that this is the least exciting release of the system, as Ubuntu MATE 23.04 didn’t do much more than fix some bugs, update software, introduce cool new wallpapers, made by artificial intelligence. So let’s at least enjoy one of these cool new wallpapers:

new in Ubuntu flavors
new in Ubuntu flavors

The system ships with MATE Desktop 1.26.1, Firefox 111, Celluloid 0.20, Evolution 3.48, and LibreOffice 7.5.2.

Ubuntu Budgie

Containing the Budgie Desktop 10.7.1 interface, Ubuntu Budgie 23.04 brought updated applets, with improved translations, the clock applet now also works in the 24h format and the weather applet had reworked icons to better suit both the light and dark themes. 

The window organizer used to only allow quick adjustment of windows between two equal parts vertically or horizontally. Now we can also arrange four windows, or two asymmetrically, one occupying ⅗ of the screen and the other ⅖.

On Raspberry Pi computers running Ubuntu Budgie 23.04, VNC settings now only apply to the user, they are no longer global, and a notification has also been added when a remote machine connects, among other facilities for remote access

Ubuntu Unity

Ubuntu Unity is the first distro to make the Unity 7.7 interface available, it couldn’t be different, after all, the responsible team also maintains the interface. Unity 7.7 brings as new:

  • A new dash, similar to the concepts presented for Ubuntu 16.04;
  • The Dashboard is slightly larger, is translucent by default, and has an improved appearance for clear mode;
  • The notification indicator is installed by default, so you can see notifications that appear while you’re away and your computer is on;
  • UWidgets are now officially supported, but the developers are still working on the store for them, which should be available in the coming weeks;
  • The settings app interface has been improved.

Ubuntu Kylin

Finally, let’s go to the flavor aimed at the Chinese public, Ubuntu Kylin. There is not much information about what Ubuntu Kylin 23.04 brings new, just that it features the improved UKUI interface, without specifying the version, but since in the previous edition it was UKUI 3.1, we can assume that it is this one, or some newer. e.

new in Ubuntu flavors
new in Ubuntu flavors

Furthermore, we know that it comes with Mozilla Firefox 111, Thunderbird 102, LibreOffice 7.5, Shotwell 0.30.17, Remmina 1.4.29, and Transmission 3.0. In the base library of the system, we have the following news:

  • Python 3.11;
  • binutils 2.40;
  • Ruby 3.1;
  • golang 1.20;
  • glibc 2.37;
  • GCC 13;
  • LLVM 16.

Are you going to upgrade to any of these Ubuntu Flavors? Tell us in the comments and interact with the Diolinux Plus forum community, where you can also follow the latest news from the Linux universe and technology, in the section and news!

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