WordPress Nulled: Why You Should Avoid It

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WordPress Nulled: Why You Should Avoid It
WordPress Nulled: Why You Should Avoid It

Nulled do WordPress

Are you using WordPress Nulled plugins and themes on your website?

Well, if you are, I’m sure you’re probably doing it to save some money.

But have you ever thought why someone would give you a premium plugin for free? What’s in it for them?

Well, you should. Because these WordPress Nulled plugins and themes may not cost you any money, but they will cost you a lot of valuable things related to your website.

And this is why you should avoid using Nulled WordPress plugins and themes. To learn more about what are nulled plugins and themes and why you should never use nulled wp themes and plugins, read on…

What is Nulled WordPress plugin and theme?

Nulled WordPress plugins and themes are pirated versions. Typically, WordPress plugins and themes come in free or premium versions. Premium plugins may provide a free variant of the same plugin with fewer functionality. The plugins are known as freemium plugins in such circumstances.

But some people distribute cracked premium versions of WordPress plugins for free. Nulled WordPress plugins and themes are those that are freely (or occasionally for a very low fee) downloadable from a third-party website.

Basically, a premium plugin is deemed Nulled if it is acquired from a website or owner who is not the plugin’s authorized creator or an affiliated vendor.

The idea seems a bit illegal and harmful, right? Because is. Go to the next section to find out why you shouldn’t use the Nulled WordPress plugin and theme.

Why You Should Avoid Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes

The reasons for not using WordPress Nulled plugins are too many to cover in one article. So, I will mention the most important ones that you should know about.

security risk

The most important reason why you should say “No” to voided plugins and themes is security. The moment you install a nulled wp plugin or theme on your website, you put your website at risk of being hacked.

Because there is a high possibility that the Nulled plugin has been injected with malicious code to make it available for free. These codes can harm your WordPress security.

While the free aspect makes it profitable, it puts your website and website data in danger. As a result, hoping to save some money, you might lose your entire website.

SEO problem

Nulled WordPress plugins and themes sometimes include spammy or harmful links, which can negatively impact your SERP position.

Spam and malicious links will lower your website’s domain authority and as a result, you will lose the chance to rank high on the SERPs. And if you already have pages with high rankings, you will most likely lose them.

Because search engines focus on providing the best user experience and spammy sites are proven to provide a poor user experience.

Commitment to confidentiality

A successful business is built on earning and maintaining customer trust in your brand. You could lose your customer’s trust in your website if you compromise your customers’ personal information.

When you employ a Nulled WordPress plugin or theme, you put your customers’ sensitive data, such as usernames, passwords, and personal profile information, at risk.

And the worst part is that there is no way to know when your customer’s private information has been accessed by others. You might know this after you start getting angry emails from your customers. But by then, it may be too late to regain your consumer’s trust.

No updates can lead to incompatibility issue

You won’t get new updates and the newest features because Nulled WordPress plugins and themes don’t have a paying subscription associated with them.

However, what can cause more problems is that your software can become incompatible with the latest technology and WordPress itself. This will cause your customer to have a bad user experience. Also, it can sometimes cause tricky errors.

No support

With a premium license, you get official support from the development team that created the plugin. In the long process of developing and maintaining a WordPress website, you will need support from the development team.

You won’t have access to this option if you use the Nulled plugin, though. Considering that those that offer nulled WordPress plugins and themes have no motivation to assist you with any problems or faults you may encounter. A premium product, on the other hand, includes assistance as part of the subscription.

Since the team that created the product is making money by providing support with the package, it also benefits them. Therefore, stay away from Nulled WordPress themes and plugins if you don’t want to be helpless in the face of a technical problem.

Legal issues

Premium plugins are protected by copyright laws. So if plugin owners don’t give you access or you don’t buy the license then using this plugin is illegal. And if your luck does not support you, using a Nulled WordPress plugin can lead to lawsuits.

As a consequence of using an illegal product that you have no legal right to use, you could end up losing a lot of money than you were hoping to save by using Nulled plugins.

bad user experience

I know I mentioned that using wp nulled plugins can result in a poor user experience. But it is worth mentioning as a separate point. Because, if your website cannot provide good UX, then your website cannot retain traffic and you cannot sell from your website.

In short, a bad user experience will not only ruin your consumer’s time, but it will also ruin all your efforts as you won’t get any results. Therefore, avoid wp null plugins to make sure you attain the aim you want to achieve with a successful WordPress website.

discourage developers

The increased use of Nulled plugins will discourage hard-working developers who spend hours and hours creating innovative new plugins to make your life better. Because developers work hard to build premium plugins so they can earn a good amount of money to lead a good life.

But when someone uses a free null version of your product, they get no financial benefit. As a result, credible developers will become disengaged and not put in the effort to create innovative plugins. And it will harm the entire WordPress community along with the WordPress site owners.

Now, do you realize the danger of using Nulled WordPress plugins and themes? It’s more harmful than it looks! Therefore, it is always advised to avoid Nulled WordPress plugins and themes.

Also, if you can’t afford the premium plugins, you can always use a free version. There are many high-quality free and freemium plugins available that you can use to develop your website and avoid the bad effect of using Nulled plugin at the same time.

Benefits of using premium licensed WordPress plugins

Now that you are aware of how to stay away from Nulled items, let’s examine all the advantages of utilizing premium WordPress plugins:

  • You will have access to all the latest updates and features.
  • 24×7 support will be available in case you need help
  • The privacy of your website data will be maintained
  • You don’t need to be concerned about the security of your website.
  • Since you will be using an authorized plug-in, you won’t have to face copyright issues
  • You can request to add new features to plugins
  • From time to time, you will also receive discounts on your related plugins.

Common questions

Here are some of the most often-asked questions concerning nulled WordPress plugins and themes, along with their corresponding responses.

Is it safe to use Elementor Nulled?

No! Using the null version of Elementor Pro will endanger your website security. Also, it may not be compatible with the latest Elementor addon and other WordPress plugins.

Is using WordPress themes and plugins that aren’t secure dangerous?

Yes, nulled WordPress themes and plugins are not safe. Because Nulled WordPress plugins can have malware hidden in them. Furthermore, you may also face legal issues for using a pirated version of a premium product.


Now, you are well informed about the negative impact of using WordPress Nulled plugins and themes as well as the benefit of using genuine premium plugins.

So, if you want to grow your website ethically without having to worry about future legal issues or security threats, always go for genuine premium plugins.

Some extra features aren’t worth compromising on your site’s security. If you can’t afford a paid plugin, stick with the free plugins available at WordPress.org, which primarily run the WordPress ecosystem.

But in this competitive e-commerce world, you must ensure your website has a premium feel.

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